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The basics to encouraging repeat business

Do you want to encourage repeat business? Do you wander what the benefits will be for your business if you had repeat business? Studies have shown that businesses with the same number of new clients but with a higher level of repeat business make more money. So, how do you increase your returning clientele to your business?

There are three points to start with:

Encourage your client to make an initial high purchase from your company

It has been shown that the more people pay on the initial purchase, the greater the chance is that they will return to your business for future spending. Therefore, it is a great idea to gear your promotions to encourage this kind of spending.

Push the second sale

The next step is to work on the next sale. There is a 27% chance that a client will buy from you again and if they continue to buy from you the rate grows exponentially. You could encourage second sales through giving the client a discount on their next purchase. You could also send them a newsletter with items which match the original purchase to encourage them to buy again.

Spend a quarter of your marketing budget on client retention

By focusing your marketing on returning customers through elite and personalized attention you could encourage them to become life-time brand ambassadors. Here are five ways you could make your prized return customers keep coming back:

  • Feature them on your social media feeds. If you see a client who has shared a compliment on their feed, you can repurpose their message on to your social media feed and give them recognition. Thank them for using your product.
  • Send a personalized gift. You can review their social media feed and see what they like. Write a thank-you note where you state your appreciation for using your service or product with the personalized gift that you send them.
  • Give them a personalized discount on a product they may find interesting.
  • Offer them free shipping.
  • Create events or meet-ups where you could socialize with your customers. These events go a long way to building rapport with your most loyal customers and they will continue to be brand ambassadors for your product.

Other aspects to focus on are:


Though price may be your clients first thought when buying a product. The second and most important aspect to consider is the quality of your product or service. If your product quality is better than your competitors and the pricing is the same, then you will be more likely to attract the client. You will be able to keep your customer if you continue to keep your quality high.

Being available

You need to be able to get back to your customer as quickly as possible no matter how they contact. Be aware of the touchpoints your clients have available to contact you and be present. If you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and have blog make sure that you have people consistently reviewing these sites and getting back to your customers as soon as possible. If your customer has a problem, help them to solve it. Don’t just send them to your generic customer care page. Give them a name and direct email address to contact.

By concentrating on these points and aspects you will be well on your way to having great customer retention.

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