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Changing the perception of products sourced from China

Article by China Homelife Fair and China Machinex

China is known worldwide as the leading country for the manufacturing of products. While it may manufacture high volumes of products across a broad array of sectors and industries, there is a common misconception that all the products sourced from China are of poor quality.

While buyers and companies may be hesitant to trade with companies based in China due to its perception of poor quality, it is important to note that product quality is based entirely on budget and the quality requirements relayed to manufacturers from the client, i.e., the company sourcing these products will determine the quality.

When you’re looking to source products from China, it is recommended that you address the quality of the products you are looking for before placing your order. Does the quality align with your budget? Your supplier in China will produce the product according to this alignment. If you’re looking for low-quality products according to your budget and needs, then the manufacturer will produce these types of products. Mass production of items can, however, lead to one or two product duds. This should be kept in mind when receiving a large consignment of products.

Here are a few quality-control tips to help you when you next place an order with your Chinese supplier or manufacturer.

  1. If you’re looking for a high-end, quality products, then the Chinese manufacturer will produce the products in line with your quality specifications. It comes down to one thing, the requirements and budget of the buyer.
  2. You, as the buyer, are responsible for checking that the products you are sourcing are in accordance with your business’s quality-control needs.
  3. Your budget and the quantity of the products you wish to order will determine the quality of the order
  4. Make sure to check the quality of each sample product provided as well as the pre-order samples to ensure that quality control is in place.

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