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Top 7 sales skills for every entrepreneur

There is one statement about sales which will always remain true: people buy from people they like and trust. So what skills do you need to sharpen to build rapport and trust with leads and customers? These are seven skills to focus on:

Listen actively

It is important to practice active listening when you are present with your customer. By showing an interest in what they say and listening carefully to their pain points and objectives you will be able to tailor your sales pitch to satisfy their need. Your customers will also feel you care about them, if you listen to them actively and give them feedback on what they have said.

Enhance your memory

Being able to have the crucial facts about your product at your fingertips can influence how much someone will trust you. By enhancing your memory and being able to recall the facts and figures of your product quickly will ensure that you instil confidence in your customer that you are able to solve their pain point.

Make a connection

It is important to make a genuine connection with your customer. It is amazing how sales people go for the kill without saying “hello” or asking how their customer’s weekend was. If you can remember a point that your customer brought up in a previous meeting you can bring it up if it is appropriate to your conversation. This will show your customer that you care and are able to connect with them.

Study different sales technique

There are a variety of sales techniques which a salesperson can incorporate into their arsenal. Each technique works on using a different avenue to get to your final goal: the sale. You can use a mixture of techniques or adapt the technique you like the best to suit the product or service you are selling.

Master time management

Do you know how you spend your time? It is important to know how you are spending your time. When you are aware of where you are wasting time you can change it. You could also consider which tasks you could automate so that you could save time to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Fine-tune your negotiating skills

Every sales opportunity asks for you to employ your negotiation skills. By honing these skills, you will be able to work towards an outcome which is beneficial for both you and your customer when it comes to closing deals.

Improve your decision-making skills

It is estimated that an average adult makes 35 000 decisions per day. Some of these decisions are inconsequentially but when it comes to making decisions about your business it is important to consider the decision extensively. When you can make quick and accurate decisions, your business will grow exponentially.

By honing these skills, you will be well on your way to making better sales which will improve your bottom line greatly.

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