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Radio Pulpit, your daily companion


We live in a morally decaying world in which businesses, families and individuals are constantly being challenged with lifestyle choices. No one is excluded, everyone faces difficult decisions. It is within this context that Radio Pulpit 657AM makes a tangible difference in the lives of our listeners.

From Gauteng to the Cape we give our listeners compelling, morally uplifting content that’s real and relevant as we look to restore values, equip the leaders of tomorrow and build a moral nation.

Radio Pulpit 657AM has been the daily companion of listeners for more than three decades. We praise God with all our heart with relevant and current talk radio. You can trust us. We deliver a clear Christian message because we are a Christian Radio Station, inspired by Christian values.

Old and young enjoy Radio Pulpit 657 AM. We speak with one voice and focus on proclaiming the true gospel to each and every home and settlement in South Africa. We are interested in you, in short: we care. We do not only talk, but also listen and put our words to action! We believe in partnering with local communities in addressing the painful realities that they have to face. We strive to be a companion to all, even those whom might have been forgotten.

Talking is what radio stations do. We ad listening to talking and put our pens to paper and encourage listeners with Radio Pulpit publications. Register online for Word for Today at and receive the Word for Today daily devotion via email or the Word for Today magazine.

Break away from the noise around you and listen to the real and relevant voice of Radio Pulpit 657AM.

With Radio Pulpit 657AM as your daily companion, you can live the gospel in your car or in your home, every day of the week.

Download the Radio Pulpit app on your smart phone and listen to us wherever you go, also listen on DStv audio channel 882.

Tune in to Radio Pulpit 657AM. It’s AM, not FM, so make sure to press the AM/MW button on your radio before selecting the frequency.