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Digital marketing demystified

Digital marketing expert, Dave Duarte discusses with Mike Anderson, NSBC CEO, about how small business can use digital marketing to grow their online presence at Breakfast Connect sponsored by Investec Business Cash Solutions.

In this discussion, Dave Duarte talks about what targeting is and why it should be your first port of call when you take on your digital marketing venture. Next they look at what needs to be involved in your digital marketing plan and should you be on all the social media platforms available. Another aspect that is discussed is how to engage your audience and not bore them and finally they discuss what kind of budget you need to do digital marketing for your brand. Some tips are also given on which platforms you can use to create a website for a shoestring budget.

This discussion will definitely leave you feeling more empowered to work on your digital marketing strategy for your brand.

Listen to the podcast here:


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Investec Business Cash Solutions is a proud Partner of the NSBC.