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Your business is big business


Article provided by Telkom

Entrepreneurs are critical to the future of the South African economy. The hard-working individuals who are up before sunrise and are the last ones to hit the pillow inspire us to provide better ICT solutions.

At Telkom, we believe in entrepreneurs and understand the commitment to their vision and ideas. To all those who defy the odds of the regular grind, we say: “To you, your business is a big deal, and to us, that’s already success. Telkom business products and services enable you to concentrate on your business while we take care of ICT.” 

Road to success 

As a start-up, you’re just getting by, managing your day-to-day and adjusting to life as an entrepreneur. You are the CFO, CEO, receptionist, GM and everything in between, which means you’ll need to be in contact all day and you must be as economically astute as possible. For a start-up, we recommend a FreeMe contract, a mobile plan that lets you choose your monthly data allowance and handset and gives you free calls, WhatsApp, free streaming and more. Now you can always be reachable and available to your clients without breaking the bank.

The next step to success 

You’re past the teething phases, or you’ve managed to convince some people to believe in your idea and that your business is more than a ‘one-man shop’. Keep your employees connected with SmartBroadband Wireless Business. Turn any office into a fully connected Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 32 devices. You’ll get an LTE router and your choice of speech and data plan, and you’ll be ready to plug in and get to work immediately.

In the big leagues 

It’s no secret that businesses need to stay connected 24/7. You can’t afford to run out of data in the middle of the day, week or even the month. On your road to global domination, we recommend Always-available Business. It’s fast, reliable and always available, and being effective and efficient is a big deal to clients. Ensure you’re always reachable by choosing a convergence bundle that covers your voice and data needs.

Telkom is fully committed to enabling growth in SMMEs. Our aim is to benefit the entrepreneurs, equip them with the ability to find solutions to problems within their businesses

Telkom is a proud Partner of the NSBC.