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Trading globally through Amazon

Bunny Majaja from HOT 91.9 FM, an NSBC Media Partner, interviews Jacinto Frazao CEO of Zentraedi online about becoming a seller on Amazon.

Do you have a product which you want to sell globally? Then Zentraedi online may have the solution for you. In this interview, Bunny speaks to the CEO of Zentraedi to find out what they do. They discuss what kinds of products are viable to sell on Amazon. They also look at online trading vs brick and mortar shops.

This interview also covers why Zentraedi offers this turn-key service to South Africans. Another topic they cover is what is involved in trading on Amazon and how their company can assist in this. They discuss which countries you could potentially trade in. Furthermore, they discuss the pros of trading on Amazon vs other online trading platforms.

This is definitely an interview worth listening to if you want to trade online with Amazon.

Listen to the full interview here