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Business in the Digital Age

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Article provided by Optimal

The rapid shift from traditional industry to the current new age of knowledge-based consumerism has blazed new pathways and has become the driving force for the evolution of all businesses, regardless of size or sector. One of the biggest buzz words in business today is ‘digital’. We hear noise about the ‘digital landscape’, the ‘digital workforce’ and mostly, ‘digital marketing’. Ideally, businesses are created and exist within this digital landscape. But what does this mean for your business?

The Digital Age has changed the marketing and advertising industry.  It has revolutionized the reach of business and has forced marketers to intrigue and entice consumers in order to keep their attention and ultimately, attract business. The ease of access to information, be it on the Internet, mobile phones, social media, etc., allows consumers to interact with a world market and compels them to actively engage directly with brands and desired products.

Why step into the Digital Age when it comes to your business?

Consumers have high expectations in regard to digital ease of access and functionality. Insuring your business has a multifaceted platform for consumers to navigate will allow your business to have unprecedented access to information that is data driven with performance tracking , insightful analysis to better understand the target audience and improved conversions.

What areas should you look at regarding digitalization?

Web Development

Web development is a comprehensive strategy. It is also your business’ online headquarters. Ultimately, it is where you turn the consumer’s interest into sales. Consider for a moment: where do your clients come from? What do they first see when they land on your page? Do they have access to the tools that the ‘Digital Age’ now requires?

Off the shelf website templates can work, but it is better to build a website from scratch so that all the elements are custom designed to fit your business. It is also important that your website has a content management system as this will allow you to update content as you grow. Finally, your website should be responsive. This means it works well on all screen sizes. A responsive web design can ensure that your customer has an effortless and flawless experience of your brand online.

Online brand development

A business’ brand is one of its most valuable assets. A brand incorporates a business’ values, vision, personality and promise. This perception or reputation is held in a consumer’s mind, and it is this perception that maintains the consumer’s loyalty to the brand. Managed in the correct way, online brand development results in increased brand awareness, reinforcement of the value proposition, identifies new opportunities and creates a dialogue with your clients and potential clients.

Digital marketing

Digital media enables consumers to have access to information any time and any place they want. People want brands they can trust. They want to engage with businesses that instantaneously understand their aspirations, are able to communicate immediately and clearly, and that also present offerings which are relevant and personalized to their individual needs and preferences.

In the Digital Age, this makes digital marketing and its avenues of connectivity vital. Knowing your client:  who they are, what their goals are, how they want to be presented with your products and/or offerings, and most importantly, taking the time to be receptive to how they communicate, creates a consolidated view of customer preferences and expectations across all channels – web, social media, mobile, direct mail, point of sale, etc. By using this information you can create a consistent consumer experience that will advance your clients along the buying cycle.

Social media

Social media plays a crucial role in how people interact with each other and your brand. From a business perspective, it contributes to how businesses both interact and engage with potential customers. Social media has become a powerful method for businesses of all sizes to reach target markets and many social platforms have integrated methods to help businesses reach their audiences. We believe that social media marketing is as valuable (if not more so) than televised advertisements and without the exorbitant fees. The marketing arm of social media is far reaching and directly corresponds to reaching vast numbers of consumers in a cost-efficient manner.

Digital design

Digital design is what links your client and your business together. It is not simply a name or a logo, but an overall perception that is reinforced and retained by consumers when they encounter your brand online. Digital design and brand go hand in hand. Design can communicate a powerful message instantly via an emotional or cognitive connection. It is a visual cornerstone which directly conveys the identity and essence of your business.

Step into the Digital Age with the help of Optimal Online

Optimal Online has identified digitalisation as a necessary and competitive driver for brands and businesses to thrive. We specialise in strategic and practical online communication solutions from brand development to digital marketing, CRM, e-commerce, design, UI/UX and creative web design. Everyone at Optimal Online believes that a digital experience needs to be seamless, functional and innovative. That’s why we develop creative and efficient solutions to meet our clients’ digital and online needs. Everything your business needs for a successful digital journey starts here.

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