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Small business press kit: what goes into it?

Have you been asked to be featured on a blog or website? Have you run around getting the information ready for the publication or journalist? Then it is time to create a press kit for your business.

A press kit or media kit is a collection of information which can be used by the media and its representatives to promote your business. These kits are usually used by content writers who already are writing a story on you and want to check basic information or they may be used by you to try get featured in a local publication.

It is important to note that a press kit can be a printed document or digital document which is hosted on your website. We will be concentrating on creating a digital press kit.

When you create a printed press kit, it would be advisable to add an index which highlights the different parts of the press kit. You can also add a sample of your product in a hard-copy press kit but just make sure it works properly. You will also need to add a USB or CD with the media assets for your printed press kit.

What goes into a press kit?

Though press kits may differ from industry to industry, there are some key elements which should be included. The six key elements are:

  • Your story: Here you will share why you founded your company and a brief history of your company and any awards or accolades you have received.
  • Company fact sheets: Here you will create documents which give the facts about your company. You can do this in a bullet form. You can include information about how many employees you have, and a timeline of your business with the achievements you have had along the way. If you have a strong social media following you can add this to these documents. You can also include fact sheets about the products or services which you offer. It is also important to add a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) sheet to prevent you from getting too many phone calls.
  • Contact information: If you have a dedicated email address for media then it is important to highlight it on this page. You can also give links to your social media pages and the physical address of your head office and branches.
  • Executive biographies: It is important to capture images of the key players in your business and write a short biography of who they are. You can include their achievements, education and position in the company. It is also important to add the fun side of the executives by adding the hobbies that they might have.
  • Past press releases: Gather all the links to current news articles or blog features about your product. It is also important to highlight who has written about you as this can add social proof to your brand.
  • Media assets: It is important to upload good-quality files of your logos and images which media personnel can use when writing about your product. If you have a video which shows how your product is used, you can put this here too.

When saving the information, it is important to save them as separate parts and as a complete PDF. This will make it easier for the journalist to access the key information they need.

Another aspect to highlight in your press kit is if you have a unique way of writing your company name. This can be added to your FAQ sheet. You can add the press kit link to the footer of your webpage. If you would like to add a tab to your website, you can name it “newsroom” or “press” to make it easy for media to find it on your site.

By taking the time to create an accurate press kit and to review it quarterly, you will ensure that correct information is available for those who would like to write about your brand.

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