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The nitty gritty on creating a buyer persona

Nowadays people are looking for a more personal interaction with their favourite brand. They don’t want to be treated as one of many but they want the message to talk directly to them. How do you do this? Create a buyer persona. It may take some digging and hard work to create some buyer personas for your business but this will ultimately increase your brand’s effectiveness in the long run.

So let’s get started.

What is a buyer persona?

According to Hubspot, a buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data gathered from your existing clients. The reason for creating these personas is so that you have a better understanding of your buyers and can ensure that all your marketing and sales effort are targeted and speak directly to the customers who you are wishing to attain.

How to create a buyer persona? 

STEP 1: Do research

The research for your buyer persona can be divided into two parts. The best data you can get about your buyer persona is directly from your current or prospective clients. You can do this through calling them and telling them that you would like to ask them a few questions to improve their customer experience or you can send them a survey. You will want to interview or survey a minimum of three customers.

The second way is to do online research. There are many tools online which you can use to see who your prospective clients are and what they interested in.

  • Google Analytics and Facebook Audience Insights: You can look at who your audience is on these platforms and you can also see what they are interested in.
  • Similarweb: On this site, you can look at your competitor’s website and see where your potential customers may reside on the web.
  • Competitor’s blogs or social media: You can view your competitor’s blog and social media and click through some of their top clients and see what the profiles say about them.

STEP 2: Create a buyer persona

When you have collected all the data, it is important to arrange it into a usable document. Some of the basic information which should go on to your buyer persona is as follows: 

Locations: (where are your ideal client’s based)

Age: (this can be a range of ages)

Gender: (this may be only applicable to some brands)

Interests: (what does your ideal client like? For example: fashion, wellness, fitness, cars etc.)

Education Level: (what level of education do they have?)

Job Title: (what is their job title? This could also be a range of titles which they may fullfil)

Language: (what is their primary language of communication?)

Buying Motivation: (what motivates them to buy a product?)

Buying Concerns: (what concerns do they have when buying a product?)

Marketing message: (how should you sell your product to this specific persona?)

Elevator Pitch: (Write a short message about how you will sell this to your persona)

You can also use these online solutions to help you to create your buyer persona: Hubspot’s MakeMyPersona.

It is important to create 3-5 user personas to ensure you have a rounded image of who your clients are.

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