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Are you struggling to grow your business?

Do you know who your target customers are? Then it is time to turn visitors to customers with some easy to implement lead generation tactics.

Tactic 1 – Create great content

The first step is to create content which answers the pain point of your client. You want to give them value. When you offer your client value, they will be more inclined to do business with you and they will start to view you as a thought leader in your industry.

Tactic 2 – Highlight your call-to-action

After you have welcomed your client with great content, it is time to get them to give you some information. You can do this through having a call-to-action button. This button needs to be clearly visible on your page and it should also state clearly what value your client will receive if they click on this call-to-action. It could be an infographic, check-list, webinar or trial of your product. When they are taken through to your landing page you should ensure that the registration form is easy to complete and only asks for information you need to move the lead down your sales funnel.

Tactic 3 – Create strategic partnerships

Another way to generate great leads is to partner with a complementary company. Through this partnership you could tell your customers about the complementary business. You could also give the client a trial product from the company which you are in partnership with. An example would be if you sell hair products, you could partner with a hairdresser. They could use your products and you could tell your clients about the hairdresser who stocks your products.

Tactic 4 – Host a webinar

Do you have a product which needs to be demonstrated for people to understand the value it could add to their lives? Then why not host a webinar. In the webinar, you should give your prospective clients great content and actionable steps which will help to boost their business. By giving them a taste of what your services can do for them, they will be more inclined to give you their contact details so that you can continue the conversation with them.

Tactic 5 – Use a chatbot

Though chatbots are used to improve your customer’s experience, it can also be used to generate leads. When a chatbot pops up on a website, it can ask your client specific questions which could qualify the guest as a potential lead. You could programme the chatbot to gather information and from that information you can qualify whether the guest to your website is a viable lead or not.

Tactic 6 – Host an event

Are you a member of a business group? Why not host a free event? Through the event you can show your skills and network with potential clients which could grow your leads. You will also be able to get good quality leads as you can qualify them before you give them your business card.

Tactic 7 – Create a referral system

Who better than your current clients to help get leads? Word-of-mouth marketing is very effective as people generally trust their fellow colleagues and friends to suggest good suppliers. You can also get your current clients to return by offering them a discount should their referral be successful.

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