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Buyers don’t care!

Article provided by SalesGuru

Hi Sales Professionals,

Buyers don’t care!

They don’t care about how wonderful you think you are.

They don’t care about how wonderful you think your company is.

They don’t care about how amazing you think your product or service is.

They don’t care!

What do they care about?

  • They care if you show a genuine interest in them and their business.
  • They care if you, your company and your offering can make them better off than where they currently are.
  • They care if this is important and a priority to them.
  • They care about how you can achieve this for them.
  • The care about whether or not the value they will receive is greater than the cost.
  • They care about how other customers have achieved the outcomes you are promising.
  • They care that you can deliver on the outcomes that are important to them

If you are hearing a lot of “I’m not interested”, it often means that what you are saying is “not interesting” enough.

Nobody cares about what you offer, they care how they can be better off through this. I’m talking about the end result that your offering provides for your customers.

SalesGuru’s customers don’t spend money with us because of our content and trainers. They spend the money to achieve the outcome of what our training will do for them – increase their sales!

Our engagement is always related to discussing ways that will increase their sales.

What are the buying motives of your customers; the reasons they will buy your offering?

Ask your existing customers what the key reasons were for buying from you.  What did they want to achieve through purchasing your offering?

Top sales professionals are clear on the reasons their customers buy. They create engagement questions related to buying motives. They hear “I’m interested” more than most sales people. They hear more yes’s than no’s. They close more deals. They love sales.

Have a great start to 2019.

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