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Why should you be world class in your business?

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. – Hunter Thompson

Many people may have heard this quote from their parents or someone else with influence in their life. But what does it mean for your business and why is being world class important for your SME’s future?

Some SMEs work in a market which is oversaturated with players and the only way to stand out is to be world class. By striving for excellence within your business you will be able to shine above the rest. But what does it mean to be world class?

Be focused

With a melting pot of opportunities in the world, it is critical to be focused. It is important to know what your core product is and produce this product to best of your ability. Without focus, you may take on too many opportunities which will dissolve your team’s focus and you will not be able to produce a single product of world-class excellence. By being focused you will also be able to tune into the best opportunities for your business.

Be a person of integrity

Be honest. If you have made a mistake own it and fix the problem. Be a person of your word. When you state that you will deliver a certain product by a certain day do it. If you can do it earlier even better. People value honesty. Though they may not like it in the moment. It will resonate with them when they see that the world is made of many superficial people who promise the world but don’t deliver.

Be patient

Creating excellence takes time. You need to work hard to become the best in your business. So put in the time. We need to remember that short term pain leads to long term gain. Therefore, it is important to put in the time during the early days to become the best in your business.

Be curious

You are heading towards failure if you think that you know it all. Everyone can teach you something new, so listen. It is important to be curious and read articles and attend events which will highlight new trends in your business. Or show you a creative way to solve a problem you may be experiencing. Start learning something new today.

Be First Class

It is important to never accept second best. Your business and brand relies on you being number one and only accepting the best. It is important to do your best and expect the best from your colleagues, and suppliers. What would happen to your product if you accepted second rate parts to make it? Don’t cut corners because that will cause your company to flounder and be much more expensive for you and your business in the long run.

Be excellent

Excellence needs to be your habit. Even when you doing a mundane task; do it with pride. You will create a great impression by taking effort in performing a mundane task with excellence, that you will get opportunities to meet people who you didn’t even know were in your circle of influence.

Be a sparkle in someone’s day

As a business owner, it’s your job to ensure your staff are happy so that they will excel in their roles. You can do this by bringing a bit of joy into their day. It could be with a plate of donuts or a new stapler. Know what brings your staff joy and give it to them. This will also create a loop where they will want to share that joy with your clients and fellow colleagues.

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