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Sales success

Article by The YinYang of Sales

When it comes to sales success, how much is belief and how much is simply doing it by the numbers? As our name suggests, The YinYang of Sales, we believe both are equally important.

Here is how to work on of both sides of sales success. We know that mastering both ensures meteoric victories for your business.

How can you improve your inner game or belief?

STEP 1: Take some time to work out exactly who your target market is. Then within that market, which companies are your niche. Can you describe your niche market in very specific terms? Now, list five to 10 ideal customers you would love to sell to.

STEP 2: Go to Google Images and search for the company’s logo of your ideal customers. Copy and paste it into a document. Below each logo create an affirmation like, “I am so happy that Shell South Africa is one of my happy customers”.

STEP 3: Take five minutes every day to scroll through the logos and read the affirmation out loud. STEP 4: Visualise yourself signing the deals and delivering the product or service.

STEP 4: Take five minutes every day to feel what it would be like to sign the deal and be a supplier to each prospect.

STEP 5: Speak about your major prospects with your sales manager every week and give them an update (for those of you who can, update your spouse at night and tell all your friends which companies you are targeting).

STEP 6: Have a powerful, clever (not frustrating) follow up system. Most sales happen on touch eight or more while most salespeople give up after touch three.

There’s an old sales adage that says “Numbers, never lie…”  Your date of birth, shoe size, your wedding date, ID number…do they ever lie?  Great sales people are obsessed with their numbers.  Here is how to stay on top of your numbers.

Let’s assume you have a monthly target of R100 000.  What activity does it take to produce your target in numbers?  Let’s assume that the average sale is R10 000. You therefore need ten sales of R10K to produce R100K.  Now the work really starts, how many prospects do you need to pitch to, to achieve your target? To produce one sale may take three sales presentations.  Therefore you will need at least 30 presentations in a month. To achieve 30 sales meetings you may have to call 300 prospects in a month.

Now we have some conversion rates:

  • 10 sales equals R100 000
  • One sale equals 30 meetings
  • 30 meetings equals 300 prospecting calls
  • Each prospecting call is worth R333.33
  • Each sales meeting equals R3333.33

At the YinYang Of Sales, we know that the most important activity to manage is making the calls.  This forces an almost automated process to drive the end result of R100K per month.

The YinYang of Sales is a proud Member of the NSBC.