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Fintech. Fourth Industrial Revolution. What do these words mean for SMEs in South Africa?

Bunny Majaja from HOT 91.9 FM, an NSBC Media Partner, interviews Andrew Maren, CEO and Founder of Profitshare Partners.

In this interview, Bunny discusses with Andrew what the words “fintech” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution” mean. They go on to discuss how the Fourth Industrial Revolution can benefit South African SMEs and how it can benefit South Africa as a whole. Furthermore, they look at how South Africa can leapfrog over other countries which need to remove legacy technology to fully take advantage of the new technology that is available.

This discussion also looks at the rise of collaboration and how entrepreneurs can take a local issue and create a solution. They can then go with their idea to people who have the knowledge to create the app or platform for the solution to work. Whether it is someone to help fund them or help them with technical know-how. In addition, they look at whether the Fourth Industrial Revolution is a good or bad movement.

This interview is great for those entrepreneurs who would like to get a better understanding about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and fintech.

Listen to the full interview here:

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