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Brand love: why your SME needs it

Why does your SME need brand love? Surely having a good product and marketing plan should be enough. But it is not. According to a report done by Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from a friend or family member, and you have double the chance of making a sale from word-of-mouth recommendations than from paid advertising. With these statistics in mind how can you create a brand that people love?

There are three elements that we can identify in most brands which are well-loved like Apple, Nike and Coca-Cola.

  1. They have a simple message. When we look at these popular brands we see that they have a single word or phrase which encompasses the feeling that the brand wants you to feel. If we take Nike’s brand message “Just do it”, we can say that it is clearly displayed through their marketing. We also see it in the athleticism of the people they use for their marketing campaigns.
  2. They are consistent. When your consumer deals with your brand do they get a consistent message? From the receptionist to the CEO, do the people of your business believe and act in accordance with the core beliefs of the brand. If you are not consistent than people will not learn to love your brand.
  3. They are authentic. A great brand can’t be forced into existence. People need to see it being played out in an authentic way. If your brand’s message contradicts your own beliefs, then you will struggle to be authentic. Therefore, it is important that your company believes in the same things that you do.

With these three elements in place you will be well on your way. When you have a brand which embraces these three elements they can have some benefits for your SME.

Benefit 1: Trust

People will trust your brand more when they can see that you have a constant authentic simple message being broadcasting on all your touchpoints with your customer.

Benefit 2: Inspiration

When you have a well-polished brand, you will inspire your employees and other stakeholders that you believe in what you are creating and they will want to be part of the dream with you.

Benefit 3: Financial gain

Unfortunately, people often judge a book by the cover. If you have a well-thought-out brand which conveys the message of company accurately than more people will trust it and thereby more people will want to buy your product.

Benefit 4: Customer recognition

When you have a memorable logo, then people will be able to share your company with their friends and family. People won’t be able to share your company’s name with other customers if you don’t have a memorable logo.

Benefit 5: Value

Should you wish to sell your business in the future, your brand can add value to it. People will pay a lot more to a company if they know that it’s brand is favourable in the market. With this mind it is important to know what is happening with your brand’s reputation.

So, go out and build a great brand which people will love to share with those they know.

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