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4 principles to creating a sales cadence

“Sales what?” you may be asking yourself. And what does it have to with my small business? Well, sales cadence is important for all types and sizes of companies. It may differ in look, but it has one goal in mind – to convert leads into customers. Furthermore, sales cadence is important to ensure that you don’t get confused between who you have contacted and what you have shared. But before we get too in-depth about how to use sales cadence in your business let’s define it.

Sales cadence is a sequence of sales activities which you use with a particular lead. You can create different sales cadence for different groups of clients depending on their needs.

Here are four principles for creating a sales cadence:

Principle one: Use various media to make contact with your leads

With today’s technologies there are many different ways to get into contact with your leads. The most important ones are email, phone calls, voicemails and social media.

Through these various channels you can make contact with your clients. You also need to make sure you use the social media platforms which your leads are present on. Then you need to define which platforms you will use to contact your leads. It is important to use at least two forms of media when you speak to your lead so they get your message in different ways.

Principal two: Make sure your timing is good

The next principal is to make sure that you don’t leave too much time between calls or emails otherwise your lead may lose interest. Most sales cadences suggest having a touchpoint with the lead every other day. If the lead has shown it is not interested, then it is time to move on to your next client.

Principal three: Create compelling contact

When you connect with your lead you want to ensure the content inspires them into action. You want them to read your article or book a call with you. By ensuring your emails ask the right information and are concise you can make sure that your lead is more likely to become a customer.

Principal four: Track your metrics

It is important to track the effects of each of your touchpoints and make adjustments as you go along. If you see that your open rate is low, you may want to consider rewording your subject line. If you see your closing over the phone is low, you may want to review the sales script you use when you speak to your client. It is important to track the metrics over a good length of leads. You cannot give up on your sales cadence after five days.

It is a process to get the best sales cadence for your business but when you have it down you will be making sales regularly and you will be able to scale your business using your proven sales cadence.

You can learn more about different types of sales cadence used by following this link.

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