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Why a digital marketing course is essential for marketing your small business affectively

In recent research, it was found that 58% of people who attended a digital marketing course received direct recognition from their organisations as a result of this. People realise that online marketing is a specialist skill. This means that to handle digital marketing in a business properly, people need to be properly trained. It is very dangerous to handle this type of marketing without having done such a specialist course If you decide to try handling digital marketing yourself, you will need the required know-how to make a success of your efforts.

The facets of digital marketing

There are many components to digital marketing, and each of these requires a person with specialist knowledge. Every facet has its own unique characteristics that take time and effort to master.

Social media

Effective social media management is not just about haphazardly putting posts up on your company’s social media channels. All posting needs to happen according to a pre-determined social media strategy in which you define a set of goals that your social media activity needs to respond to. This is the basis of any social media course, which will help you develop and build your social media strategy.


Perhaps the most effective digital marketing strategy for a small business owner to adopt. If SEO is done correctly, this will skyrocket your website onto the first page of your Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). “Google regularly updates their algorithms,” says Lisa Schneider: managing director of the Digital School of Marketing. “This means that if you are not compliant with their rules and regulations, your website will be heavily penalised. It is so important to keep up to date with SEO courses so that you are aware of these changes.”

Google PPC

Google ranks older sites higher than those which have just been developed. This means that while you are implementing your SEO strategy in order to get organic rankings you need to implement a Google AdWords strategy through which you take out PPC ads that will be displayed next to relevant search queries.

The Google AdWords platform can be quite tricky to navigate if you do not know your way around it. If you do not choose the right type of ad for your business and implement the wrong strategy, you will end up wasting a lot of money. A good idea would be to invest in a Paid Advertising and Web Analytics Course to show you the best way forward in terms of this platform.

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