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Close the deal today. 5 closing techniques to improve your sales

You have done the sales pitch and you are ready to seal the deal, but how? What is the best technique to close the deal? Here are five closing techniques to help you close more deals.

Technique 1: Create urgency

This technique can sometimes come across as too brash if done too soon. You should not create urgency on the first meeting with your client. You should give them a time limit within which the deal is valid. This will give them a sense of urgency but they will not feel manipulated. You should highlight the advantage of signing up earlier and give them a deadline when the deal will expire. If they haven’t taken up the deal. You can send a reminder a few days before the deal expires to see if they will close the deal.

Technique 2: Create FOMO

FOMO or the fear of missing out is very much like creating urgency. With this technique, you need to highlight your unique sell proposition and why it is different from what your competitor’s offer. By highlighting the benefits of working with you compared to your competitor you can create FOMO if they don’t work with you. This benefit can also be one which is more related to the type of customer service you offer. Maybe you get back to your clients quickly or you like to make your clients feel like family while remaining professional. By highlighting these benefits. You can create FOMO which may encourage customers to close the deal with you.

Technique 3: Don’t be assumptive

By assuming you have the deal, you are more likely to change a maybe to a no. People don’t like to be manipulated into a decision. When you assume you have a deal with a phrase like “Which date will suit for the delivery of the product?” you are putting your customer in an uncomfortable position. This technique might work well if you are 99% sure you have a deal.

Technique 4: Create a balance sheet

One way to get your client to close if they struggle to make a decision is to create a balance sheet of pros and cons of the offer. You would write down all the pros and then ask your customer to list the reasons why they are not keen on the offer in the cons list. You should leave the room for a little while to give your customer space to consider why they should not take the deal. When you come back, you can ask them about their objections. If you still struggle to close the deal, you will have a list of objections you may not of thought of that you can work out answers to.

Technique 5: Take away a benefit

Have you ever given away some of your children’s toys away because they have stopped playing with them?  And then the only toy they want is the one you removed. This technique works in the same way. If a client is struggling to close the deal with you, take away a benefit and offer them a new deal. Either they will take the new deal or they will be so concerned about the benefit you took away that they will want the original deal.

Technique 6: Give them an alternative

Do you have two options for a close? Why not offer them the options and ask them which one do they want? This will get them to consider the deals and make a choice. There is a 60% chance you could close this deal.

By practicing these techniques you will well on your way to closing more deals.

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