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5 customer service skills every entrepreneur needs

In a global economy where everyone is fighting for a slice of a small pie, you can differentiate your business through customer service. According to research done by American Express, two out of three customers will spend more at a company where they have had an excellent customer interaction. How can you become a rock star at customer service?

Be empathic

You will be able to develop a product which will satisfy their needs.

  • You will be able to adjust your marketing message because you will understand your customer better, and
  • You will be able to attend to customer complaints without internalising them.

You can develop your empathy by:

  • Actively listening: Don’t just hear the words that a client speaks but actually listen to the words and watch their body language to understand what they trying to say.
  • Checking your attitude: Are you trying to win the argument at all costs or are you trying to objectively solve the client’s problem.
  • Understanding what success is for your customer: It is important to ask your client what success would look like for them.

Gain excellent product knowledge

How well do you know the product which you sell? You need to understand the products thoroughly. This will help you to give the best advice to your client. You will be able to troubleshoot their problems faster, you will be able to cross-sell and up-sell your products better, and you will be more confident when communicating with your client. You can improve your product knowledge by reading all the material you have on your product. You can also attend seminars and conferences about your product. If you are reselling a product you can ask the company which sells the product to you if they offer workshops which help you learn more about the products.

Be present on all communication outlets

Be present on all communication outlets. When your customer contacts you, they expect a quick response. If your customer has to wait days or weeks for a response they will think that you don’t care about them. Therefore you need to develop a communication strategy which all your employees can follow for the different areas where your brand is present. That is why it is important to only have communication channels open which you have the capacity to answer.

Treat customers and staff equally

It is very easy to treat customers whom you like better but you need to ensure that all your customers receive the same level of service. This is critical because you want your repeat customers to have the same experience every time they interact with your brand. If they have different experiences each time, you will lose the trust they had in your brand. This also extends to your staff, if you want them to treat your customers like gold then you need to treat your employees like gold.

Write with clarity

It is important that all messaging which goes through your business is clear and concise. You should keep your replies short and to the point. You should try to leave filler words out when communicating with your clients. If you are inviting someone to a meeting ensure you give them all the information about the meeting so that they can easily make a decision if they want to attend without the back and forth of emails.

By developing these five skills you will improve your customer service skills immensely.

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