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The digital marketing secret that will unlock great leads for your business

Article by Jean-Pierre Ras (CEO RAS Digital Marketing)

When it comes to marketing your business, online and offline, people tend to get side – tracked by which channels to use, which products or services to promote, which photos or artwork to use, and which sales ads will work best.

We forget the basics of how we as humans connect and engage with each other during this process.

Let’s unbundle the process

As humans, we all have a need for something, whether it be a need for something new or fixing something.

Often, we don’t even know that we need something, or that it’s broken or out of date until we see something or someone which triggers those emotions of “want” and “need”.

The mistake we often make as business owners or even employees, is that we try and sell, sell, sell, and even when they say no thank you, WE GO AND TRY TO SELL SOME MORE.

To us, as business owners, this might sound great, but at what cost are we doing this?

Trying to repeatedly shove your product or service in a potential customer’s face is going to cost you dearly.

Plain and simple – it is going to cost you that customer.

As humans, we all follow a basic process before making a purchase, and almost all of these go through an emotional decision-making process.

This buying process follows three main stages. They are the Relate, the Amplify, and the Solve stage.

In the Relate stage:

We need to relate to our prospects, understand their pain and needs.

This is like having a conversation with someone you have just met at a networking event. Once the conversation gets to a point where the prospect starts telling you about the need or problem they have, our job is not to sell a solution to them but to relate to that need.

We can say things like, “yes Mark, I understand where you are coming from, I have also had the same problem before”.

Secondly, the Amplify stage:

By now the prospect has opened up to you, they have told you all about their needs and wants.

You have related to them regarding this need, do NOT sell to them at this point!

This middle position has set you up for a perfect opportunity to amplify the situation.

Remember that Mark has a need or a problem he wants to fix, and we have had the same problem before, but we have already fixed or filled that need for ourselves.

So, next we will tell Mark more on how before fixing this problem, things got a hell of a lot worse for us, as we did not realise that leaving this problem would escalate and eventually cost us 10X more, due to us not fixing this as quickly as we should have.

This has planted the first seed in our prospect’s mind, they know now that things can drastically escalate if they don’t take immediate action.

Finally, the time to solve and sell has arrived:

So, let’s just be clear on this…

Now, and only now, is the perfect time to offer your solution and sell!

If you have followed the Relate, and Amplify method which I mentioned above, then this last stage is going to be a walk in the park for you.

The prospect will now understand that the need or problem they have is a lot bigger than they thought, and knowing that you have been there, and have already fixed it, naturally they are going to ask you what you did to fix the problem, and this is where you tell them about your solution.

Now is your time to shine!

You will find that you don’t even have to sell that hard, because you have already laid the grounding by relating and amplifying their problem.

Take some time, and think about your experiences over the years when buying something, can you spot the same process? Or were you one of the lucky millions to have a product forced down your throat?

The secret on how to use this process to unlock millions of leads for your business.

The secret in this process has been used since the beginning of time.

The businesses that implement this process into their marketing processes are the ones that get 80% of all the customers from the market.

So, what’s next?

Use the RAS Model which I describe below in your digital marketing strategy.

You can use this process if you are a start-up or a large corporate company. The size of your business is irrelevant.

The RAS Model

Step-1 The Relate step of your customer’s journey.

To achieve the first step, use a Facebook post engagement campaign. Create a bit of content that will get the conversation started, invite people to comment under the Facebook post with a question, e.g. “Have you had this problem before?”, or “comment “yes” if you have had this problem before in your business”.

Please ensure that you have a Facebook business page for this process.

Step – 2 The Amplify step of your customer’s journey.

Next, create a case study of a customer you have, who has had the same problem which your prospects could be facing, and allow people to download this case study or view it on your website.

Note that you can also use case studies from other businesses if you don’t have any of your own.

All we want to achieve is to amplify our prospects need or problem. Use a Facebook post engagement for this stage again.

Step – 3 The Solve stage of your customer’s journey.

This last step has two different sections, and you will have to decide which type of value proposition you are offering.

The goal here is to gain a sale or a qualified lead. Use a campaign called Facebook Lead Generation for this stage.

If you offer a service, then you will need to offer a lead magnet, such as a free quote, or consultation, or a brochure that can be downloaded.

For your prospect to gain this information or free service, they will need to provide you with their contact details, and their permission (consent) to have you contact them.


You have not only landed a new highly qualified lead, but due to all the groundwork which you have laid down before this last stage, you have also created a lead that will need less convincing to buy from you.  

In conclusion

I can almost guarantee you, if you use this simple process in your digital marketing, you will not only see an improvement in engagement between you, your prospects and leads, but also see more profits.

Paying it forward

At RAS Digital Marketing, we are constantly creating new and helpful blog posts, to help small to medium business in gaining more leads and customers for their businesses, and I would like to invite you to come and use them for yourself, and please also share them with others who you think might benefit from the knowledge. Click here to view all the blog posts.

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