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The rise of female entrepreneurs and how they are growing online

Article provided by 1-grid

For women the benefits of starting a business are plentiful. For many, it’s the ultimate goal. Women are looking for more flexibility when it comes to their schedules and they want to take control over their future. They are quitting their nine-to-five jobs to start their businesses or are starting additional side jobs to assist with a second income stream, and not only are they highly successful in being strong entrepreneurs, but they are also creative and innovative in their pursuits.

With the increase in internet availability, coupled with the many benefits of having an online presence, aspirant entrepreneurs are using technology to their full advantage in their journeys to becoming self-sustaining. Not only does an online presence open the doors for a business to reach a larger audience, but it is also easier to manage on the go and does not require a lot of funds to get started.  

Kimberley Richmond, the owner of Beautiful Spaces, started her own business a few years ago. She describes herself as someone who is excessively passionate about interiors and anything creative for that matter. Kimberley took her business online in 2016. She talks about starting her own business and how a website aided her in her journey.  

Tell us about yourself and how you got started in your current business?

I have always had a background in design. Initially, I studied graphic design and advertising but my passion has always been interior design. After many years of renovating and decorating our own homes with my husband, I realised my passion once more. Everyone encouraged me to pursue a career as they thought I had talent. I did an online course while I was in Spain through correspondence in 2000. I only started my business once I got back to South Africa and my kids were all at school. 

Tell us about your business? What do you offer?

I cover all areas of interior design. Initially, I planned to offer only the décor-side but that quickly changed when I took on my first project and renovating became part of it. I now work more on major renovating projects, than the décor side. I also have a passion for furniture, and design all my furniture myself and have it manufactured for projects. So, you could say it is a comprehensive service of everything to do with interiors. 

What would you say are the benefits of having an online presence for your business?

I think an online presence, specifically in the form of a professional website, shows that you are a serious contender and offer a professional service. It gives the client or customer confidence that you know what you are doing. 

Once you had your website designed, how did you go about to promote it?

I asked for assistance in terms of ranking on search engines via search engine optimisation (SEO), as well as growing on social media. I have a web design package from 1-grid, so I know that they take care of that. I have a dedicated account manager, who is always available to assist when I feel like there are areas I can improve on.

Beautiful Spaces shows how you can showcase your products or services to a broader audience via an online presence and how it offers flexibility to grow as a business. By having an online presence, Kimberley has given her business credibility and in so doing she’s been able to scale her services and client base.

Female entrepreneurs, such as Kimberley, are becoming more successful, being innovative and driven in their journeys. They are taking their ideas online and using the benefits an online presence has to their full potential, becoming self-sustaining and growing as business owners.

This is a great time to create your own business space as a woman. Join a thriving community of female online entrepreneurs today and see your idea flourish.

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