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Creativity and passion fuel the Baker Brothers’ success

Article provided by MiWay

The Baker Brothers are driven by a deep-seated passion for artisanal breads that delight their customers. This is immediately clear when you enter one of their stores, or speak to one of the brothers. And when you hear their story, you will understand why.

From a young age, the Mboko brothers were entranced by the possibilities presented by a piece of dough and an oven. This they experienced while watching their baker father making his breads.

Naturally, they were prone to picking up some dough themselves to experiment with fanciful designs. Unknowingly, maybe, they were schooling themselves in the art of mixing ingredients and ideas to produce their unique take on bakery staples.

Do not be surprised, therefore, to stumble across exotic variations on traditional favourites ranging from bread rolls to Ciabatta. This is where you will find a scrumptious mix of the old and the new: for instance, from beetroot and potato bread to black rolls and their signature fluffy cheese sticks.

For the four Mboko brothers now operating the two Baker Brothers outlets, it’s been a long, but rewarding road. Sam, Marcel, Tafara, and Takunda Mboko left their home country, Zimbabwe, in 2007 with the directive from their father to spread the artisanal baking story.

Their journey initially led them to Port Elizabeth, the birthplace of a popular chain of restaurants and bakeries. A stint working there opened up the opportunity to start sharing the artisanal baking story by training new stores within the chain, in the craft.

In 2017, the Baker Brothers opened their first store at Melville’s 27 Boxes. This was supplemented by a second outlet in Norwood in 2018.

That is fairly rapid expansion for such a small business with limited resources.  Experimenting with new ingredients and combinations is a time-consuming and costly business. But, we are assured, the Baker Brothers have no shortage of ideas.

Apart from new creations, they are also focused on building the sustainability of their business through diversification. This they have done partly by winning contracts to supply restaurants in their immediate vicinity, and by creating a range of unique vegan olive oils infused with various herbs and spices.

Depending on their ability to grow demand for their products, the Baker Brothers have their eyes set firmly on broader expansions within South Africa, and beyond.

MiWay congratulates Baker Brothers for being an inspiration to us all.

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