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Commitment: the key to next level success

Article by The YinYang of Sales

Sales life is often about managing difficult times.

No goal is ever achieved without first swimming through molasses.  You have to swim through the molasses to get to the money.

Success is not a straight line.  It’s a lot of squiggly lines that throw you in all sorts of directions.  Mental blocks, relationship blocks, financial blocks, employee blocks, mutiny blocks.  Molasses is the squiggly line that challenges you and determines the winners from the losers.

Picture this, athletes running with weights on their feet to get fit and a rugby player that does not weigh enough to make it into the scrum. To become an Olympic athlete, he has to learn to run faster and shake the weights. The rugby player has to find a way to bulk up if he wants to make it into the World Cup side. Fight through the molasses.

Another great metaphor is marriage and commitment.  Most people would agree that love, understanding, compatibility, compromise, sacrifice and communication are the main key ingredients in a marriage.  We say that commitment is key. Commitment to enjoy the good times, work through the tough times and see the marriage through to the end. If you are tempted to have an extra-marital affair by your beautiful neighbour or charming work colleague, what stops you?  Commitment to your marriage. Commitment to work through the molasses. It is that same commitment that keeps you swimming in business.

Most people run at the first sign of difficulty. The sugary sweet bits lure you in, it tastes good, but only the tough will stick around to swim through the sticky, gooey parts that come with all of it.  Pushing through the hard times and getting through the molasses is what takes you to the money.  Money is on the other side of the molasses.

The Ying Yang of Sales has a 9-point strategy for next-level manifestation.

We share only the first 3 here. The third being the point.

1.         Work out where you are
2.         Work out where you want to be
3.         Work out if it’s important enough to get there

Point three, ensures you endure the molasses. Very importantly, if it is not important enough or high enough on your value system, you will not get complete it.  (Contact us for the other 6)

How do you manifest this?  Simple!  Be very clear on your why, your vision, your mission, your USP and make sure your elevator pitch (email pitch, LinkedIn pitch, social media pitch) is attractive.

Write them all 2-3 times a week for a year. 24/7/365. Programme your beautiful fertile brain until you get there.  Swim through the molasses. 

It’s very important to understand that these things take time.  Imagine sitting in your living room and you think to yourself, “It would be really good to see a lion now”.  With instant manifestation, the lion appears, and you become lunch.  A few bones left behind for the vultures to feed off. 

Molasses is God’s way, the Universe’s way of ensuring it does not happen immediately.  Making sure it is really important and what you really want. 

The Ying Yang of Sales is the only sales training company that offers personal development in the sales space.  Helping people to make money, have fun and free themselves from the rat race.  Help them to get into credit with the universal bank in the sky.  You get into credit with the Universal bank by giving some free hours, some additional coaching and additional support and delivering more value than what we are paid for.

Everybody wants success but not everybody is willing to swim through the molasses. Everyone wants success but not everyone wants to be managed.  Most people need to be managed.  Pushed in the right direction.  Encouraged to push through the molasses!  Shown the way.

Find out more about how you can see more prospects, pitch more deals and bank more money. 

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