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The ultimate content marketing strategy checklist

A content marketing strategy focuses on all the forms of content which you will create to promote your brand. This can be ebooks, social media posts, infographics, video, podcasts, photographs etc. Everything that you create to promote your business on a variety of digital platforms. Here are five steps to creating a content marketing strategy.

STEP 1: What are your business objectives?

What do you want the content to do for your business? Do you want to create brand awareness, business interaction or business conversions? Depending on the objectives of your company will depend on what content you create for your business. You also need to be aware of your brand when creating content as you need to speak with a universal voice over all the digital media platforms you choose to use.

STEP 2: Who are your customers?

Having a clear brand persona of your customer is critical. This will help you to structure the content so that your customer will want to consume it. You need to know which platforms your customers frequent and which type of content do they enjoy interacting with. It is also important to know what your customer cares about. What is important to them and how can you answer their most burning questions? When you answer these questions you will know what to say and with what type of content.

STEP 3: What content should you create?

If you want to create brand awareness you could create content that is informative around your keywords and key topics. You could do this with social reviews, blog articles and positive customer testimonials.

The next step is to demonstrate your expertise in your niche. You want your clients to see you as the go-to business when they have questions about their certain pain points. This content should educate your customer and show your unique selling point. You could use ebooks, case studies and newsletter for this type of content.

The third type of content you would create is content that would get you referrals. You will always have an opportunity to ask a potential client for a referral. If they don’t need your solution they may know someone who does. You could use gift cards, coupons or referral videos to ask for referrals from your potential clients.

STEP 4: Can your content be shared?

If you want to become the guru in your industry you need to create content which is easily shared. There are many reasons why people would share content but some of the reasons are for social validation, entertainment and practical use. Does your content help your customer to get validation form their peer group? Is it entertaining? Or is it useful in that it shows you how to do something like build a treehouse?

STEP 5: Are you measuring?

The final step is to measure how your content has performed. You need to measure your content marketing strategy so that you know what is working and what isn’t. You may also see how you can grow your business by seeing which articles the customers interact with the most. You can get the various metrics by using Google analytics. You should measure total visits to your website, how many bounces and how many conversions. The total visits will let you know if your content is interesting or not. If your visits decrease over time, you will be able to look at your content and try to improve it. Your bounce rate looks at how many people come to your website but don’t stay long enough to view your other pages. This percentage may vary depending on your campaigns.  The conversion rate looks at how many browsers to your website were converted into customers. This is where the money is and you should aim at a conversion rate that is the standard average for your industry.

By following these five steps you will be well on your way to creating a content strategy to be proud of.

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