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Anatomy of a sales superstar: what to look for in your next hire.

You have read through your latest potential salesperson’s résumé and they look amazing on paper but do they have the traits to back the paper up. It is important not only consider a salesperson’s résumé but their personality too.

Here are nine traits to look for in your next sales superstar:

1. Active listening skills

A salesperson must not act like Pavlov’s dog and wait for keywords to pitch their product to their prospect. They should be able to actively listen to what you are saying and paraphrase it and ask you if they have understood you correctly. This will ensure that they are able to understand the need of the prospect and suggest the best solution to the prospect.

2. Hunter mentality

Do they have the tenacity to hunt down a lead until they have got it? Will they be willing to go through a lot of information and contacts to position themselves in a place where they can land the big accounts. Do they get excited about hunting the big fish? 

3. Ambition

Is the salesperson a top achiever in fields outside of work? You want someone who is motivated and hard-working. They should dream big and have achieved small goals to get to their dreams.

4. Charisma

Salespeople have to be charismatic and make you feel comfortable around them. They should be able to sell you ice in winter.

5. Optimism

This is not the kind of optimism which always says to look on the bright side of life or to look at life through rose-tinted glasses but rather it is the type of optimism that looks at an obstacle and searches for a win-win situation. It is someone who believes in finding a positive outcome to a challenge.

6. Sense of urgency

Do they understand the adage of “time is money” and time not spent trying to close or secure deals is money lost? They should be focused on having a good follow-up strategy that leads them to close more deals and know that if they let a prospect go cold they may have lost the deal.

7. Organization

A sales superstar has to have basic sales strategies in place on how they deal with different parts of the sales process. It is critical that they have a plan which will help them to succeed.

8. Intelligent fighter

How does the salesperson structure their arguments? Are they petty and attack a client personally or do they fight with facts? A salesperson who is patiently persistent and can think on their feet will be able to succeed at any argument.

9. Empathy

Is the salesperson able to consider the problem from the buyer’s perspective? A salesperson should be able to put themselves in the buyer’s shoes and adapt their pitch. By showing empathy to your prospect, you will gain their trust.

Hubspot has some great questions to use when interviewing a sales superstar. These questions will help you to see if they are a good fit for the role you need to fill and if they will fit into your company’s culture.

Happy hunting for your sales superstars.

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