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What is holding you back?

Article by George Mutendadzamera CEO of Vula Unlock Consulting

Your mind is a powerful instrument capable of creating positive results in your life but it also has the capacity to hold you back. Paradigm is a term used to describe a mass of information that is programmed into the individuals’ subconscious mind, genetically at conception and then environmentally after birth. The paradigm is then expressed in behavioural patterns producing the results a person gets in life.  The paradigm influences your logic and habitual behaviour. It is responsible for the negative results you are continuously getting. Do you want positive results? Do you want to shift your paradigm?

In order for you to make a paradigm shift and break out to freedom and understanding, you need courage and determination because the paradigm’s grip on the individual is very strong. Breaking out successfully generally works best with the assistance of a coach or mentor.

Paradigms are either positive or negative and are expressed in either positive or negative results. If you experience recurring negative results, it is important that you understand that the cause of the problem does not lie with the circumstances or conditions outside of you, the cause is within – it lies with your paradigm. It’s not the economy, the Government, the weather but it is the paradigm that has attracted the conditions or circumstance that contribute to the problem.

Here are two important things to remember when trying to change a paradigm:

We are a product of our habits

A paradigm is a multitude of habits. Some habits are good and produce wanted results. It is the habits that form the negative aspect of the paradigm that require changing which will lead to changed results. As you know, it takes time to change habits but the good news is that habits can be changed. The power of accountability

The power of accountability

Begin by identifying the results you want to improve or change then, working with your coach or mentor, develop a plan to change them one habit at a time (Using a coach or a mentor allows you to take advantage of the power of accountability). In as much as an individuals’ paradigm can be changed so too can a corporate paradigm, one habit at a time.

Your mind is, indeed, a powerful instrument, use it positively. Don’t let your paradigm hold you back, break free and achieve the results you want.

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