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No free lunch! Unpaid invoices adversely affect your business.


Article by bizzGo

Your products. Your services. Your invoices. Your cash flow. All are adversely affected by outstanding payments. We have successfully recovered R9.9 million from the city of Tshwane for an SME. This payment was outstanding since 2017. We recovered the full amount for the SME in 8 months. At BizzGo, we understand the huge problem that cash flow presents to any SME, and as such, we do not tolerate non-adherence to contract, process and procedure or non-payment against invoices.

We engage to troubleshoot and problem solve on behalf of SMEs to have a successful payment made where there is non-payment on invoices.  We are NOT a debt collection company. We work in a consultative role to enforce adherence to contract and invoice payment terms and conditions.

Would you like to one of the two NSBC members to receive a free consultation?

We are offering a free consultation to each of the first 2 NSBC Members who respond to the offer, and *one of these 2 members, based on bizzGO’s assessment of both cases, shall be afforded a free Trouble Shoot and Problem Resolution Project, from consultation to project completion. 

In all of the free offers below, the following applies:

No Contract/ Agreement, other than the signing of a Non-Circumvention, Non-Compete and Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect all Parties is required;

The two selected SMEs may opt out of the process at any time they so wish, with no further obligations.

A free consultation shall be awarded to both first and second respondents and includes:

  • Signing of a Non-Circumvention, Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect all Parties is required and the two selected Members may opt out of the process at any time they so wish, with no further obligations.
  • We schedule an investigative session with the SME where we gain an in-depth understanding of the nature of the contract, the terms and conditions thereof; the services provided / products supplied; the invoice(s) and terms and conditions; the history and chronology events – how these began and evolved to the current status of non-payment; the agreed obligations of the SME and the Defaulting Party, together with and and/or all other facts pertaining to the matter at hand.
  • We go off site and:
  1. Review the facts of the matter;
  2. Sift out potential gaps on the Defaulting Party’s side which we could use in our favour and arguments, as well as how we would address and manage these;
  3. Sift out potential gaps/errors on the SME’s side and how we would be able to combat and/or overcome and manage these;
  4. Any areas where we require additional information and/or documentation and /or communications from the SME;
  5. Assess the anticipated levels of confidence of achieving successful resolution of the matter, based on the above;
  6. A meeting is scheduled with the SME to submit our overview of the matter, our levels of confidence in successfully resolving it, together with a high level overview of how we would proceed if the proposal is accepted;

(The proposal includes, inter alia: Project Scope, Project Plan, Project Timelines; Deliverables and our consultation fee upon successful payment over to the SME by the Defaulting Party.)

NB: The free consultation holds no obligation on the part of the SME to proceed further with bizzGO in resolving the matter, unless the SME so wishes.


Once bizzGO has assessed both matters, one of the two SMEs shall be informed that they are offered the option of accepting one free Trouble Shoot and Problem Resolution Project, this being from consultation to project completion.

  • Once the consultation processes in (a) through (c) above have been completed, we proceed with agreeing the Project Proposal, which, in this case, shall exclude any consultation fee on project completion;
  • bizzGO then commences with the Project, and we schedule regular status meetings, as agreed between the Parties for updates, confirming hierarchy and reporting structures;
  • Upon successful resolution, we hand over to the SME to invoice the Defaulting Party and in the FREE Project, the Project shall be closed.

In instances where the consultation and projects are not free:

  • Processes 1(a) – (c) are followed with a once-off, upfront fee for the consultation of R 5, 000 being paid by the SME; 2c. Upon successful resolution, we hand over to the SME to invoice the Defaulting Party and in the FREE Project, the Project shall be closed.
  • Thereafter, processes 2(a) through 2(b) are followed
  • At this point, for a Paid Project, once the SME has received payment from the Defaulting Party, bizzGO will invoice the SME for the agreed Successful Project Completion Consulting fee.
  • It should be noted that, in the event that bizzGO does not achieve successful resolution, there is no further fee due by the SME.

*The decision as to which SME is awarded the Free PROJECT, shall be at bizzGO’s sole discretion and  no discussions and/or negotiations shall be entertained, and/or entered into.

 The offer expires 7 days from today.

For further information, please contact Shannon Beetge at bizzGo.

bizzGo is a proud Premier Member of the NSBC