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2020 best in class tech: Windows vs MacOS

Article by Incredible Connection

A new decade has begun and as we step forward with endless possibility in the world of tech, we’re faced with a million choices. Some of us will be deciding what to major in our fields of study, a career change or even taking up both working and advanced studies together. One thing is for certain, none of us are stepping into this new decade, willing to compromise. No, for the next decade, we will only be chasing faster, clearer, classier, more convenience and we need the Best in Class Tech to stand the test of grit with us into the future. We want all this and we will not be made to choose, why should we? Sadly, however, in 2020, the age old Android vs IOS? MacOS or Windows? is still around.  We’ve broken down our top two contending brands for 2020 and what they have to offer you and your future. That being said, this choice is ultimately yours. Here’s what you need to know to make it.

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Dell has long since been one of these brands that have stood the test of time and served the masses well. Dell Technologies combined seven tech-leading companies so for us expertise and reliability is synonymous with the Dell Range. Enter 2020 with the Dell Inspiron Range that meets all your everyday needs and looks good doing it. We love that there is affordability, sleekness and speed in one compact but powerful machine. With up to the latest generation Intel® and AMD processors, robust memory and storage and up to UHD displays, Inspiron laptops and 2-in-1s have placed customer experience at the centre of this design. A 180-degree rotation hinge, allows you to edit photos, prepare reports and enjoy all the entertainment with tent and tablet modes. Sketch, design and take notes with Dell Active Pen (Sold separately) but best of all the Dell Inspiron range sacrifices nothing with ports needed for your everyday computing needs. Pick up a 15” full HD display i5 with either 256SSD or 1TB hard Drive with an 8GB RAM or flex a little more with a sleek 13” Infinity Edge Display i7 with up to 1TB hard drive and up to 16GB RAM. 

Whatever your choice or affordability is, you can be rest assured that the latest 8 – 10th Generation Intel and AMD processors give you commanding and powerful performance whether you’re editing or working on CPU-intensive projects. From playful gamers, to serious workaholics, the Dell Inspiron Range is truly a Best in Class, from design that is sexy, to display that is mind-bending, you can take 2020 to task with Windows 10, all included in this range.

If you’re looking for something a little snazzier to make a statement with, a MacBook is where it’s at. Apple have long since stood with its customers wanting to stand out while still offering speed, software and hardware that lives seamlessly alongside your individual style. On a Mac, everything is designed to work just as you would expect to, leaving you to work to your absolute potential.

Enjoy True Tone Technology and Touch ID from the Air to the Pro Series all in a sleek, light and classy little notebook. Yes, these are pricier options if you’re in the market for a laptop, but we’ve heard that once you go Mac, you never go back. These do-it-all smart machines range from R19 999 for a MacBook Air with a 2-core Intel i5 Processor, you get a 12-hour day from this little powerhouse. If your choices are between the 128GB SSD or the 256GB SSD (R24 999), the Air is available in Space Grey, Silver or Gold for your personal preference in 100% recycled aluminium. Then there is the Pro Series, where the sky is the limit when it comes to the things you will enjoy about this machine. Speed is the name of the game with the Pro Series. Experience the ultimate in performance and stunning Retina Display in a 13 Inch 1.4GHz Quad Core i5 processer up to a 4.7GHz Turbo Boost i7 for up to 80% more efficiency when working. And if you really want to show off, hold on to your hats for an i7 6 Core or a record MacBook 2.3Ghz i9 8 Core processor. Did you say Magic Keyboard? A refined scissor mechanism with 1mm travel for a comfortable, responsive and quiet typing experience, while inverted “T” arrow keys enable the ultimate dynamic navigation. The MacBook Pros show off like nothing else with their IPS Technology and P3 Wide Colour gamut for brilliant, true-to-life display.

Whichever of these two powerhouse brands you choose, there are two things we can be certain off. Firstly, your step into 2020 and the next decade will be propelled by the sheer power and grit these two brands of machine has to offer you. Secondly, there will be so much more from them in the next decade to come and Incredible Connection will be there to keep giving you the best advice on the best in class devices.

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