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6 keys to a successful sales presentation

You have landed the ideal opportunity to present your product or service to your dream client. But how? What should you do to make this sales presentation successful? Here are six keys to having a successful sales presentation.

KEY 1: It is about the customer

It’s not about you and your product but rather about your customer and their needs. When you do a presentation, you need to ensure you have the needs of your customer front and centre. You need to research your customer and their industry thoroughly and see how your product’s features can benefit them.

In your presentation, it is important to show the problem which your customer has highlighted that they need a solution for, and how your product can be the best solution. It is imperative to customise your presentation for your customers and don’t use a generic presentation which will highlight to a customer that you don’t care about them. You should always give your customer value from your presentation.

KEY 2: Keep it simple

Some highly successful salespeople say that you should have 10 slides which take about 20 minutes to present and a 30-point font. You should only focus on giving your customers solutions to their problems. If you speak too long or talk about features that have no benefit to your customer then you could potentially talk your way out of a deal. Stick to the facts and though you should show your passion for your business try to remain focused on your client.

KEY 3: Be entertaining

Think about your most memorable presentations. I am sure you will agree that the presenter did something to grab your attention. They may have been dressed extravagantly or they started their presentation with a bang. It is important that whatever you do adds value to your presentation and is appropriate for the audience who you are engaging with. You should ensure you use your voice well and don’t deliver your presentation with a monotone voice. In addition, you must build rapport with your audience, so that they may feel involved in your presentation rather than being spoken too.

KEY 4:  Practice makes perfect

You should practice your presentation. You can ask your friend or colleague to record you while you do the presentation and you can see how you need to improve. Do you need to move more or less? Do you need to project your voice more? They can also point out parts of your presentation which are difficult for them to understand.

KEY 5: Be on time

It is important to value people’s time. You should arrive for your presentation on time. You should focus on the information which adds value to your customer. If your customer has given you 15 minutes then you should stick to it and always remember to leave enough time for Q&A sessions after your presentation which doesn’t go beyond the stipulated time of your client. Consider the Q&A session as part of the presentation, not a separate part which will make your presentation run overtime.

KEY 6: Ask questions

You can check in with your customer during the presentation by asking them small questions like “Does this make sense for your world?” or “Could you see this applying to you?” By asking these types of questions you get an opportunity to clear up any misunderstands which might occur in your presentation. You can also ask follow-up questions which will help to get to the crux of the problem that your customer may have.

By keeping these six keys in mind, you will be well on your way to delivering a successful presentation.

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