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Benefits of a business intelligence tool in logistics

Article provided by Globeflight Worldwide Express (SA)

Do you want (or need) to take back control of your distribution and logistics? Does your courier company give you the tool to measure this?  It can be super meaningful for your business.

As opposed to spending wasteful time with your courier consultant in meaningless conversations or listening to promises that are not always met, a business intelligence tool (BI tool) sitting on your desktop changes the wasteful meeting into something meaningful where accurate data is available and up to date and the service levels are apparent at a glance. The consultant answers then and there to all anomalies and failures in service, this keeps your courier on their toes and you informed.

Detailed information is available at a click, such as: cost comparison by department, waybill analysis, client cost analysis, most expensive waybills, wasteful costs and needless services etcetera. This is a tool to put the power back in your​ hands to finally be able to hold the courier provider accountable for their mistakes which leads to your client losses. 

 A business intelligence tool will allow you to view your transport costs per customer of yours, ensuring that the cost of logistics per client remains well within the predetermined best practice figure or cost is still in line with their retail value. With the BI Tool the client should also know that their distribution department is using the correct services for the correct types of shipment. With this tool displaying the most expensive waybills on your front screen you are able to very quickly rectify mistakes in your logistics department. In fact not having a courier or logistics BI tool at your fingertips is probably a disadvantage to your business.

As a courier client you should be able to instantly know:

  • Is your courier performing to the standard as agreed upon,
  • How many shipments are being moved on specific service types,
  • The most expensive shipments,
  • Automated service exception reporting,
  • Automated reports showing you a myriad of information,
  • Total cost of distribution to each of your clients,
  • The usage of incorrect service types, therefore costing you money,
  • Which shipments have not been delivered, and
  • You should know the number of shipments in and out of the service level agreement each month.

With information like this at your fingertips you have much more control of your logistics and your logistics supplier. Prior to engagement with your courier supplier this service level should be discussed and agreed upon and then with a password, Voila! you should be given access to your data.

So for better management, cost control and accountability of contract promises, make sure you choose a courier who offers you this service. Oh and by the way…it should be free.

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