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Remote work tools that will help you keep your business afloat during the Coronavirus shutdown

Article by Zoho

Businesses across the globe are responding swiftly to the Coronavirus pandemic. The technology companies, especially the ones that have remote work products, adopted ‘work from home’ policies even before the government advisories regarding it were issued.

In the era of globalisation, no one is safe until everyone is safe. In this spirit, many cloud companies have stepped up and provided free versions of their products to enable other companies to adopt remote working policies.

We at Zoho, a company with the most extensive portfolio of business apps, adopted a ‘work from home’ policy earlier in March for its 8000+ employees, spread across 10+ offices, around the world. After realising that the reason we were able to successfully implement the policy within a short period was because of our robust collaboration and productivity tools, we decided to open them up to all the businesses around the world.

Employees working remotely in different countries worked together to launch a comprehensive remote work toolkit, Zoho Remotely, with 11 apps that are seen as essential for business of all sizes. This is available for free to all businesses around the world till July 1.

What’s on offer?

Zoho Remotely toolkit has 11 applications. The suite has been curated with special attention by Zoho engineers after they picked it from the Zoho catalogue as being the “ones that are most essential to run a complete business and not just bits and pieces of it.”

The communication tools on offer are:

■ Cliq, a powerful team-based work chat
■ Meeting, an online conference app
■ Showtime, an online training platform

The collaboration tools on offer are

■ WorkDrive, a team-based file collaboration platform
■ Projects, a project management platform (for waterfall methodology)
■ Sprints, an Agile methodology project management app

The remote assistance tools on offer are

■ Zoho Assist, a remote assistance app (think of it as guiding hands)
■ Zoho Lens, an augmented reality-based assistance app (think of it as guiding eyes)

The productivity apps on offer are

■ Writer, a collaborative document editor
■ Sheets, a spreadsheet application
■ Show, a presentation tool

A digital marketing company, for example, can use Zoho Projects (for waterfall methodology) or Zoho Sprints (for agile methodology) to keep a track of all their ongoing projects. They can add relevant employees, clients and designers to each of the projects, and assign tasks, milestones and more to ensure that they meet their deadline.

They can use the office suite to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets or presentations while communicating using Cliq. Managers can hold meetings with their teams or clients using Zoho Meeting, or address a larger gathering by using ShowTime.

What’s unique about the offering?

Zoho not only has the most comprehensive offering of cloud business apps anywhere but all of its applications are tightly integrated. This “play-well-together” framework has been made possible by over two decades of software engineering expertise in building everything from scratch.

In the current scenario, when there is an urgent need to contain the spread of the virus, it’s important for companies to leverage the technology made available to them and adopt a remote working policy for the safety of their employees, and everyone else.

Zoho is a proud Partner of the NSBC.