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HEALTH SQUARED helps COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre

“During this national crisis our sole purpose is to support small businesses throughout the nation. The main thing to remember is small businesses are not alone, we’re here to help guide them. If there is one thing we know about business owners and entrepreneurs within the SME sector, it is that they are enormously resilient. With our collective support they will without doubt come through this much stronger.” – Mike Anderson :: NSBC Founder & CEO

HEALTH SQUARED has joined the NSBC in helping small businesses stay in business by supporting the COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre. This centre’s main objective is to assist small businesses during this pandemic to survive and prosper.

We have pledged to help the centre achieve these goals by offering resources which will help business with general business survival and for those in dire need, the centre will help with financial relief. Some of the key areas that the centre will focus on are:

· Low-interest disaster recovery loans
· Moratoriums on vehicle and equipment leases, bond repayments etc.
· Negotiation and communication with suppliers
· Landlord negotiation with regard to property leases
· Increased cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene protocols
· Digital marketing strategies in a time of crisis
· Assistance with moving from face-to-face to online meetings quickly
· Business continuity plan creation

By bringing our resources together, we hope to keep small business in business and the workforce employed.

You can learn more about the centre here.