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Cloud backup is the answer for SMEs

Article by Renier du Plessis, Cloud Manager (ContinuitySA)

SMEs must look to the cloud for cost-effective, professional and reliable data backup.

Businesses have come to realise that one of their most important assets is their data. It is the fuel that powers profitable new ideas, and enables them to build deep relationships with customers and suppliers. They are also under a regulatory obligation to protect sensitive information they hold, and are subject to fines if they do not.

So, how do SMEs protect their all-important data?

For most, an external hard drive is the preferred data backup method. It is, however, fundamentally insecure unless the data on it is encrypted and the device is kept physically safe. Then there are also the problems of whether the backups are done regularly—SMEs are busy places as a rule—and who to call on if something goes wrong (and Murphy’s Law hasn’t gone away).

Another important factor is the rise of remote working in the wake of COVID-19: all the corporate data now being stored on local machines also needs to be backed up securely as it is at heightened risk outside of the corporate network.

It’s a challenge, but the emergence of cloud-based backup solutions means that even SMEs can afford to access an excellent, reliable and automated backup service that compares favourably with what a blue-chip company could obtain.

What should such a service look like?

For starters, cost-effectiveness must not mean a compromise on quality. When it comes to backups, quality means safe, secure, off-site data available to you when you need it—with access to professional support as and when it’s needed but without the expense of a monthly retainer.

That’s the great cost advantage of the cloud: a cloud-based service can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis, no there is no heavy upfront capital investment, and the service can be scaled up or down easily. It must be easy to use, and restores must be reliable and quick and easy to implement.

The same model should apply to support—SMEs don’t want to pay a hefty retainer for support, but they do need to be able to access support when they need it.

ContinuitySA has partnered with Veeam Cloud Connect to provide just such a service. Learn more about how our service matches these ideal criteria, or request a quote.

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