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What can we do today, to make sure we are able to prosper tomorrow? (Part 1)

Article provided by Health Squared & Agility Channel

The past few months have been tough for our country, its people and the SMME Industry in particular. Never before have entire business landscapes been completely overturned in such a short amount of time. But, as we all know, with change comes opportunity and if there is one industry that will rise stronger, fitter and more agile than ever before, it is SMMEs.

We know this because we have been right there with you for the past decade, helping the SMME industry to fully optimise their human capital and allowing your staff – and your business by association – to thrive.

This year, we took our commitment to the SMME Industry one step further by becoming official and proud partners of the National Small Business Chamber and later pledging our support to the NSBC’s COVID-19 Small Business Relief Centre to help small businesses, stay in business.

But we wanted to do more. So HEALTH SQUARED Medical Scheme and Agility Corporate launched a dedicated series of conversations where we – together with other industry experts – take a critical look at the SMME Industry, what COVID-19 is teaching us and ask:

What can we DO TODAY, to make sure we are able to PROSPER TOMORROW?

In our first episode, we ask Mike Anderson if current COVID-19 relief efforts have been enough and Dr Jacques Snyman weighs in on the impact COVID-19 has had on the emotional wellbeing of both business owners and their employees.

Watch the full episode here:

Health Squared & Agility Channel are proud Partners of the NSBC