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Hot 91.9FM happenings in July 2020

Article provided by Hot 91.9FM

Award-winning, community radio station Hot 91.9FM, has not let the national lockdown and COVID-19 world pandemic slow them down. Hot 91.9FM is a community radio station that is deeply passionate about the development and survival of SMEs, particularly those that are community-based as they believe that SMEs are vital in driving our economy forward.

The station also initiated projects of their own to support the community that has always supported them. This is what is hot and happening in the month of July at Hot 91.9FM.

Beyond the curve

What happens to business after we flatten the curve? In response to this question, Hot 91.9FM launched “Beyond The Curve” with Media Rocket, NSBC and Everlytic.

The movement aims to ensure that there are functioning businesses to return to by connecting businesses that are in a position to help, with businesses in need of help.

The “Beyond the Curve” website also offers a platform to browse resource articles, webinars,  podcasts that discuss topics and provide tools for businesses to take the initiative and do their part to help economic recovery in South Africa. In addition, the website also suggests free courses that you can use to upskill yourself and employees.

Join the movement here.

A power partnership with ProfitShare Partners

Another passion project for Hot 91.9FM is the Get South Africa Working initiative with ProfitShare Partners.

The campaign is an exciting year-long drive to get small businesses working and in return create jobs. Hot 91.9FM and the disruptive FinTech provider, ProfitShare Partners, joined to facilitate R100 million in capital support to SMEs to deliver on their contracts this year.

The sweetener is a prize of R1 million for the small business that creates the most net jobs during the period of the campaign, from 1 June 2020 to 31 May 2021. To top it off, together with Hot 91.9FM and ProfitShare Partners, the all-new getlion mobile app will be giving away R10 000 in vouchers every month to help existing and would-be small business owners start up or keep going. The getlion app allows you to start, manage and grow your business from the convenience of your mobile phone – and get rewarded for doing it well.

Apply for your share of R100 million in capital support here.

Lock ‘n Load

The lockdown hit the economy hard and Hot 91.9FM realized that as business starts returning to normal, small business owners would be faced with the challenge to communicate that their doors are open.

In the interests of helping these businesses, Hot 91.9FM launched the daringly innovative Lock ‘n Load package. The initiative is tailor-made for the exclusive benefit of small businesses to advertise their special deals at a drastically reduced price point.

Lock ‘n Load is a real-time platform that puts the buying power in the hands of small business owners. The initiative has already shown exceptional results for businesses that centred their message around a call-to-action.

With Lock n’ Load, Hot 91.9FM has made it easy to buy advertising and to get your message on-air quickly. The station boast a turn-around of 2 hours from booking to broadcast. Hot 91.9FM wants to encourage businesses who have previously felt intimidated by the prospect, and who thought they could not afford to advertise on radio to use Hot 91.9FM’s Lock ‘n Load offer to get their message to their customers.

NSBC members enjoy a further 10% on the Lock ‘n Load package. Contact the NSBC team for your promo code. Lock ‘n Load your deal here.

For more information on Hot 91.9FM and their many exciting initiatives and partnerships go to

Hot 91.9FM is a proud Partner of the NSBC