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Empowering small business recovery by solving your top 5 IT challenges

Article provided by Cisco

The impact of COVID-19 on small business

The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for small businesses of every kind, around the world.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, organizations had no choice but to focus on dealing with the immediate impact. Working through how to keep the business operational and the income flowing were the initial priorities, along with ensuring an adequate level of ongoing customer service. Along the way, existing systems and processes were often stressed in new  and different ways.

With over five million micro and small businesses in South Africa, SMMEs are vital economic engines and the mainstay of our economy. More than two-thirds of the working force are employed in a small business. This is why we need to make sure we bridge businesses through these tough times and the recovery period long after. Our mission is to make sure businesses stay in business and bring back those that have closed. Small business is the pillar of our economy and the future of job creation.  We need fast action now and ongoing efforts long after the pandemic to make the thousands of small businesses throughout South Africa more resilient to COVID-19 related economic disruptions.

Between obstacles and opportunities, there’s a bridge

Small businesses are the backbone of our communities. When they’re strong, we’re all stronger.
So the importance of keeping small businesses in business remains a priority for us at Cisco.

Adapt, adopt, and overcome

Small businesses that are innovative and resilient, will recover from current economic challenges triggered by the global pandemic by adapting, adopting, and persevering. At Cisco, we believe that between obstacles and opportunities, there’s a bridge.  When the pandemic first broke out in South Africa the government like other global nations implemented a nationwide lockdown. So as to maintain social distancing, as a means to curb the rapid spread of the pandemic. Within days, businesses had to leave their premises, as they were forced into a broad and rapid implementation of home working as an imperative arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. The lasting effects of the new normal, according to a National Small Business Association survey of more than 980 small businesses, between March and April the number of business owners and their employees working remotely has doubled, a trend that is widely expected to continue.

Cisco Designed resource hub is here for SMEs

Through our new resource hub, Cisco Designed, we aim to empower small business recovery by helping them with valuable information, expert insights, and other resources. These resources will  enable SMMEs  to stay connected, protect vital resources, maintain productivity, and manage expenses and cash flow so that they can focus on keeping their business running.

Solving your top five IT challenges

Through our resource hub we have designed simple solutions to help small businesses to solve the following complex IT problems:

  • Working from home
    Reopening business? Collaborate with employees and customers, from anywhere.
  • Cybercrime protection
    Secure your workforce and safeguard your business from identity theft and hackers.
  • Always-on business
    Keep everything running with cloud technology that’s easy to install and operate.
  • Workplace monitoring
    Ensure safe distancing and real-time monitoring as your business reopens.
  • New office
    No matter where you work, improve productivity and security in shared physical workspaces.

Cisco is proud Partner of the NSBC.