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Why you need a digital lifeline to weather the pandemic


Article provided by Telkom Business

South Africa is in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic and SME’s are bleeding. Between the impact of lockdown and the associated loss of sales and a reduction in cash flow, many small businesses are running out of time and resources and are finding it more and more difficult to weather the Covid-19 storm. Research has shown that an innovative approach, investment in business IT/Infrastructure, work from home technology and marketing, are common practices of businesses that are operating as normal.

It is estimated that by 2030, more than 90% of the country’s workforce will work for a small business. Telkom Business has chosen to champion this cause, as they believe that small business will be the mainstay of the South Africa’s economy and future job creation and want to help SME’s not only survive the pandemic, but thrive, into the future.

Telkom Business’s digital lifeline

Telkom Business’s view is that just because businesses are on lockdown, shouldn’t mean that business must come to a grinding halt. In the face of the pandemic, it has become clear that SME’s, like everyone else, face an uncertain future. No one knows what the ‘new normal’ will look like. The fact remains, small business or not, a digital business strategy allows companies to transform and streamline their operations using technology which enables them to deliver even more value to their customers.

To this end, we believe our digital marketing platforms will give small businesses the opportunity to be found easily online by over 1 million customers, as Small Businesses advertise and get customers via the various marketing platforms. Telkom Business seeks to offer Businesses access to market and ultimately access to an audience Businesses need.

Being an NSBC member, this is how you will benefit:

✓ FREE 12-month listing on the Yellow Pages online directory, seen by over
1 million customers
✓ The first 100 NSBC members who take up the free Yellow Pages listing,
will get a free Smart Website for the first 2-months
✓ You will then have the option of extending the Smart Website’s life span
by an additional 10-months at a pro-rata cost.

To claim your free Smart Website and get your business found by over 1 million customers, click here.

Wait, there’s more! Freed@ marketing platform

Creating a company page is free, advertise your great offers and grow your customer base with Freed@. Access to this market is guaranteed to engage with your business after all, this is a new and modern way of doing business. Freed@ rallied by Telkom Business will help you gain valuable insight into your valued customer from the surveys and quizzes they engage in.

As an NSBC member, you will get R500 to use on your Freed@ account. Valid to the first 1000. To get your business on the right digital marketing platform, simply click here.

Yip, it’s all about Yep!

Telkom Business is committed to ensuring the survival of SME’s, therefore they are using the recent transformation of Yellow Pages, and the resultant birth of Yep to empower SME’s even more.

Yep enables consumers to find the businesses or services they require in a specific area easily, request a quote, book an appointment via the Yep app and view the businesses online store.

As part of the transformation of Yellow Pages, Telkom Business wanted to be able to offer SME’s a platform where they can create their online stores using their own unique branding, upload their services and solutions so that customers can locate them and buy from them. The benefit of Yep to SME’s is that it gives them a scalable solution to help grow their reach on a
customisable and simple, yet elegant Yep shop front.

Click here to create your online store on Yep today.

We understand that one size does not fit all though,

There’s no denying that Telkom Business offers countless solutions for SME’s when it comes to ICT. What sets them apart, however, is the business product range which is tiered to provide real solutions for SME’s every step of the way, and at very competitive rates. It’s evident by the extensive business product range that Telkom Business has sourced solutions that work across the SME board. The following are just three of the many business solutions they have to offer.

Next Generation Voice offers for your Business

Using the best technology to bolster your business performance will increase the chances of survival in this period, that’s why having the right partner for your business will not only give your business the right edge but boost confidence in your business. Our Next Generation Network voice offers route voice calls over the Internet, just like how images, sound and documents travel over the Internet, what’s more is that, all this comes at a more cost effective and efficient way. We have a wide range of solutions for any size and type of business, such as IP Voice, Smart Voice, SIP Trunking and Virtual Number. To find out more on our unique offers, click here.

The importance of Data for your Business

Telkom Business has reduced its data packages to make it more accessible, especially during this period where it’s needed the most. The importance of data for any business is not questionable, all businesses need a great & fast data solution whether big or small. Telkom Business has a variety of options to choose from to keep a workforce connected. Our offers whether Fibre / DSL / Mobile Data, will help turn any office into a fully connected Wi-Fi hotspot.

Click here to get your Business connected.

Our focus on SME’s and the type of products, services, and offerings we are producing to support this category of business, makes it clear that we are committed to the cause of saving SMEs by helping them through this pandemic.

Talk to Telkom Business

To take up one of these offers and to benefit from the extra’s NBSC customers are entitled to, click here.

Telkom Business is a proud Partner of the NSBC