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Pharsyde Accounting – making small business owners’ lives easier

Tamryn Dicks is the owner of Pharsyde Accounting, and they support small business owners. They try and remove administrative burdens so that a business owner can focus their energy on the thing that they do best.

Tamryn originally started Pharsyde because she wanted to work for herself. She opened a business thinking she would be a self-sufficient accountant – instead, she became a small business owner. She very soon changed her focus from accounting (although they still do that!) to being a support structure for other people who also opened businesses without realising what it entails.

She loves the freedom it gives her, and she thinks that freedom is not cherished as much as it should be.

One of the biggest lessons Tamryn has learnt on her business journey is that she can’t do it all alone. Her team is her greatest asset and building the right team is the most important thing a business owner can do.

One of the driving forces behind Pharsyde Accounting is making running your business easier. Tamryn says “We handle fairly stressful work for our clients. People are scared of SARS and taxes and compliance and legalities. I love knowing that we made someone’s day better, we made running their business easier for them. Every day, someone’s life is a little bit easier because of us – that’s awesome!”

When asked why South Africans should support small business this is what Tamryn had this to say: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of an economy. They provide jobs and economic stimulation, but they also represent people. They haven’t lost touch with real human beings. As necessary as some of them are, big corporations tend to forget about people. They see everything in numbers. I think it’s important to do business with companies that show you the real person behind the logo because every time you support a small business, you are supporting that real person and their family.  It helps us remember what is important in life. And I think that’s worth supporting.”

We thank Pharsyde Accounting for making small business owner’s lives easier when it comes to their books.

Pharsyde Accounting is a proud Member of the NSBC