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3@1 Business Centre South Africa – Empowering people

Belinda Dunn has brought aspiring entrepreneurs on board the 3@1 Business Centre franchise group for 18 years. Furthermore, she is responsible for the franchisee procurement process, site source and selection, lease negotiations and resale of existing franchises.

3@1 Business Centres grew out of the belief that there was a great need for an adaptable franchise model for South Africans where services were tailormade for business owners and consumers everywhere. Being South African born and bred, they can adapt their model any way they want to keep up with technological developments worldwide.

Some of the lessons Belinda has learnt along her business journey are that you should grow along with your business environment or you will flake out. You need to keep evolving with the community and business requirements, the consumer demand, and growing technology at your disposal. Market your business all the time and remember quantity is not necessarily quality when it comes to group growth. Therefore it is important to have a few good quality franchises rather than many franchises which don’t meet your standards.

The driving force behind Belinda’s passion for her business is to empower people – especially women in business – to own and operate their own franchised centres. 

When going through tough times Belinda says “consistently applied integrity and unwavering commitment as well as believing in the value our brand delivers to our franchisees takes the sting out of having to survive.”

When asked why South Africans should support small business, this is what Belinda Dunn had to say: “We are fortunate that 3@1 franchisees offer business services that virtually every individual and business owner require at some point.  Our franchisees work hard to provide consistently good service and quality work so that their customers know they can depend on their local 3@1 business centre to support them in their efforts.”

3@1 Business Centre is a proud Member of the NSBC