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Business High Five guide: the marketing basics

Article provided by Lulalend

Marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing. As an SME, you might not have the capacity to have someone dedicated to this role just yet, and you may find yourself managing a lot on your own.

We’ve partnered with our friends from P.tch Digital who are digital marketing experts, to share some practical tricks of the trade to help you kick start your marketing.

Marketing can take many forms and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts depends on an integrated approach. Remember, your plan is only as good as the planning that you put into it. Therefore, you should see the development of your marketing plan as an opportunity to get to know your customer and understand what they want. It is important that your marketing plan is customer-driven rather than promotion-led. In order words, if you know your customer, you’ll know how to market your business effectively to them.

Here is a guide to boost your marketing.

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