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5 types of content to boost customer engagement

Every business is looking to engage more with their customers. They want more clicks, shares and feedback so that their business can be seen by potential customers who will do business with them. But what type of content will keep your potential customers engaged?

Before we talk about types of content, there are two aspects to consider when creating content:

Your customers are different

You have a created a customer persona of who you sell to but the people within this persona may like to consume different forms of content, therefore, it is important to create a variety of content for your brand.

Content is everywhere

People are bombarded with content from the moment they start scrolling on their phone. Because of this, the content you create must be punchy and eye-catching. According to some reports, you have eight seconds to grab your customer’s attention. This is not a lot of time. You should also ensure that your content is informative and entertaining.

Now that we are aware of what to think about when creating content let’s have a look at the content we should create:

1. Video content

Many consumers enjoy consuming video content. They like to watch informative programmes about topics which interest them. They also like to watch how-to tutorials. YouTube offers the Creator Academy which helps you to start your channel on the right foot. Live videos have also become popular and people enjoy watching live videos on social media about behind-the-scenes events and Q&A sessions. If you host an event you can also stream it live on the internet.

2. Blog posts

Blogs are the stalwart of content and help when ranking on search engines. Blogs should be informative and entertaining. Your brand’s voice should be evident in every blog you write. You can use blog posts to inform your customers about your products and also to help them to solve the pain points they may be experiencing. Blogs can also help you to become a thought leader in your industry.

3. Long-form content

This content can be e-books or blog posts. It is critical when you create long-form content to have headings so that consumers can jump to the part of the content they want to read or so they can skim through and see which parts of the content they want to pay attention to. With e-books, you can also offer the content in exchange for your customer’s email address.

4. Interactive content

Clients like to interact with brands and this can be done by using interactive content. You can create a quiz or calculator which helps your client to solve their problem. The data which you collect with the interactive content can help you to fine-tune your understanding of your clients and see how you can improve your offering.

5. Infographics

This type of content is amongst the most shared content online. People like to share content which is visually appealing and informative. You can form infographics from the headings of your blogs. When designing infographics, Canva has some great templates for you to use.

By creating engaging content, you will get customers clicking, sharing and giving you feedback which will help to boost your presence online.

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