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How to choose the right medical aid and benefit option

Article provided by Medshield Medical Scheme

When you are on the hunt for a medical aid plan, every scheme seems to be confident that it has the best one for you. However, how do you know which to choose – one can easily feel overwhelmed by various medical aid quotes. When requesting medical aid quotes, you are actively reaching out to a medical aid provider. How they respond, and how your relationship continues thereafter, are key factors in finding the right medical aid for you and your family.

Here are our top tips on how to spot a good quote when you see one:

What are the major benefits and are they flexible?

Take a thorough look at the key benefits mentioned in the differentmedical aid quotes. Apart from your medical needs, it’s important to consider your lifestyle when choosing a plan. If you’re active, you may benefit from a rewards-based programme, in addition to your healthcare cover. Does your current quote include options that are tailored to your needs? Have they considered your budget? Good medical aid quotes should provide you with a few different options, based on your unique requirements. Be honest about your current and possible future demands. Although you can change your benefit option once a year, it is important to see whether the medical scheme has options available to cover your current and future needs.

Client service

First impressions always matter. Your relationship with your medical aid provider starts as soon as you request medical aid quotes. Be sure to take note of their client service and willingness to help. Now is also the time to ask as many questions as you can or ask for advice when you’re feeling a little bit lost – we are here to help every step of the way. When it comes down to it, you should have peace of mind knowing that your medical aid knows your story, knows what you need, and knows how to communicate it to you effectively and in a timely manner. Your medical aid should be easy to contact and be available when you need help in the future.

Simply put, you should feel comfortable that your provider has taken enough time to truly understand your specific circumstances and is therefore in a position to provide a solution that has you adequately covered.

Are you getting value for money?

In a nutshell, the two most important factors a person considers when comparing medical aid quotes is whether or not they can afford it, and if the available plans provide the cover they need currently and will cover them for any unforeseen events. Pinpoint where you are willing to compromise and where you are not, and see if the overall plan is good value for what you are paying. A good quote will provide you with a detailed list of what is covered and what is not, according to the premium (monthly payment, sometime referred to as a contribution) of your choice. Set up a budget estimate and be honest with yourself and your broker about what you are willing to accept and what you do not feel is quite necessary just yet.

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