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Tech Wise Solutions – Expanding their footprint across Africa

Garry Kondakov, Tech Wise Solutions Shareholder and CEO, explains that Tech Wise Solutions is a supplier of IT Security and monitoring software, backup solutions and data loss prevention tools. They pride themselves in supplying market-leading technology and are a channel-centric, with reseller partners across the entire African continent.

Garry says that nowadays, cyber security is top of mind because of the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats, with customers vulnerable to an array of cyber fraud, malware, ransomware and cyber hacking attempts. He believes that Tech Wise offers the best solutions in order to protect both business and personal users.

Garry has over 20 years of cyber security industry experience. For 10 years he worked at Kaspersky, and fulfilled the role of Managing Director of Emerging Markets (Middle East, Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Latin America) and then spent six years after that as the Chief Business Officer, responsible for over $600-million in global business. He developed the global company structure, and the global marketing and partner programmes, supporting almost 40 local offices worldwide.

He is thrilled to be able to expand the Tech Wise footprint across Africa, leveraging his well-established network of contacts and underpinning his efforts with the many years he spent with reputable global brands Kaspersky and Acronis on the continent.

What Garry loves most about running his business is the pace and dynamics of the cyber security industry. He says that you have to be proactive but also able to react immediately in order to mitigate risk and action takedown services.

He is passionate about building relationships with their partners throughout Africa –  who offer such insight and innovation grown from local knowledge. He celebrates and feels privileged to work with his current team – who are one of the best he has ever worked with.

One of the biggest lessons Garry has learnt on his business journey is to never give up! He has particularly learnt this in Africa and has found that consistent, continuous hard work will always pay off – in African time. He believes it’s also important to remain humble, grateful and present.  

Garry says he does what he does because of his passion and love to grow Africa and make a difference. He says that his optimistic mindset allows him to rise above setbacks, challenges, and specifically the current COVID-19 pandemic.  

Garry truly believes that our new normal, and life in 2021, is not driven by big corporates. He thinks that they will always be a fixture in our economy, however, believes that business innovation trends are led by new services and innovative solutions in tech and support industries previously overlooked. He says that the world is moving towards solution niches and that this is the breeding ground for small businesses development.

He trusts that the country whose Government understands and supports this SME development will undoubtedly have the competitive advantage going forward.

Tech Wise Solutions is a proud Premier Member of the NSBC.

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