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Scibotron – leaving a legacy while moving with the times

Veronica Paddy, is the Co-owner of Scibotron, a software engineering company who integrate software and process control systems using well-known and custom designed/engineered software with the aim of automating processes.

She says that they function in all business verticals and that automation has helped them to achieve this. Since being founded in 2013, they have automated systems and processes in industries such as:

1. Oil and gas
2. Mineral processing
3. Water purification
4. Food and beverage
5. Mining
6. Energy

In addition to mainly being part of software integration, they also do custom software development for clients that are breaking into the Industry 4.0 space and who are looking to enhance their sites with automation.

Veronica says that they started this business, “to leave a legacy of business and engineering practices, services and products that are of an industry defining standard within our time – while moving with the changes in technology.”

When asked what she loves about running her business she said that apart from being able to define her own working hours as a mom (of a busy 3 year old toddler – who really is the boss if she is honest), she enjoys innovation, visioneering and pioneering. Her favourite part of the year is when they as directors come together to plan for the year and decide on which challenges to take on. She also enjoys product releases during their golf days. They recently released a revolutionary Industry 4.0 product called AnalytiX.

One of the biggest lessons Veronica has learnt on her business journey is that quality takes time, but that it ultimately saves everyone time, money and resources going forward. She also said that it’s important not to quote cheaper than the rest just to get the job, if you know that a certain standard of quality will require that amount of hours and resources.

When asked what her ‘Why?’ is, she said that the following saying came to mind: “measure twice and drill once.” At Scibotron they employ very skilled and excellent individuals in their field for quality and reliability reasons. They do not charge their clients re-work because they have an ethical obligation to produce services and products of an international standard. She also said that that is why they got ISO9001 certified, a number of years ago.

Something that really excites Veronica about Scibotron is their ability to implement their engineering projects on time, to budget and specification.

When Veronica was asked “Why South Africa should support small business now and beyond”, she said that to her it’s the same as asking – “Why should we cement in the small bricks of a big wall that support the beams of a roof?” or “Why should we invest in a good foundation before we build a house on it.” To Veronica, “It’s simply vital to a thriving economy that we support small business. And yes, of course, local is lekker!”

Scibotron is a proud Member of the NSBC.

If you would like more information about becoming an NSBC Member visit