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FinChatBot – AI solutions from the heart of South Africa, now making waves globally

Antoine Paillusseau, CEO and Co-Founder of FinChatBot describes their company as being a global technology company, specialising in conversational AI solutions. They automate customer experiences for financial services through performance-driven digital solutions. Your performance is their incentive.

They focus particularly on automating and optimising customer experiences, with a key focus in financial services including insurance, banking, telecommunications, retail and debt collection. As a performance-focused partner to their clients, they manage their conversational AI solutions to ensure optimisation and iteration over time, and perform to ensure clients succeed, sharing the risk and aligning KPIs with ROI goals.

FinChatBot was established in 2016 by Antoine Paillusseau and Romain Diaz. The founders recognised that call centres were increasingly under pressure, inefficient, saturated and expensive. Often not delivering the intended results in terms of  sales conversion and customer satisfaction.  Thus they dedicated FinChatBot to the goal of bringing people closer to financial services with an interactive and fun experience, while enabling financial service providers to enhance customer experience and maximise business performance by saving time and money.

What Antoine loves most about his job is working with his amazing team. Over the course of his business journey, the most important lesson he has learnt is to focus.

When Antoine was asked why he does what he does he said that growth is his why. Personal growth and business growth, from the heart of South Africa, with the headquarters in Luxembourg. He says that FinChatBot continues to expand their reach to Europe, the UK, and the Middle East to enable innovation worldwide. They have a continuous commitment to guaranteeing performance-driven, high-quality technology solutions in which clients can realise their ROI goals, relying on FinChatBot as an indispensable partner to unleash their full potential.

Antonie believes that the African tech ecosystem is growing, and finds that to be exciting. He describes it as the youth of the globe. He says that it’s the future and finds it to be innovative and challenging but extremely rewarding.

FinChatBot is a proud Premier Member of the NSBC.

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