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Reasons to apply for a hospital plan today

Article provided by Medshield Medical Scheme

There is no denying that private healthcare is expensive. This fact is not as intimidating for people who are healthy, young and fit. However, many never bother investing in a medical aid plan for themselves. Even many elderly individuals who have never had too many day-to-day medical expenses might feel that it is a waste of time and money. While it might seem as though you are saving a couple of extra Rand each month by avoiding monthly medical aid contributions, the truth is that medical emergencies happen all the time – and the costs thereof are exorbitant. Those in great health who feel they can cover their own doctors’ visits and medications can always opt for a hospital plan, which only covers in-hospital stays and treatments. If you are still deciding between plans, have a look below  reasons why a hospital plan is a wise idea.

1. There is no private care without a medical aid

State healthcare facilities within South Africa are not in the best condition. Overcrowding, lack of staff on-call, and unhygienic conditions all contribute to the spread of illness and disease. It also means in case of an emergency, you might not receive treatment as quickly as you need it. Private care, on the other hand, offers access to world-class specialists, a relaxed atmosphere where you can rest and recover, and superb treatments. Partnering with the right medical aid ensures that if something unexpected ever compromises your health, you are still able to receive fantastic care.

2. Receive immediate treatment

Patients in need of care when it comes to serious conditions such as cancer, high-risk pregnancies, and life-threatening illnesses need treatment as soon as possible. State hospitals do not always offer on the spot care as they simply do not have the capacity for it. Avoid waiting for life-saving treatments by applying for a hospital plan that allows for swift, professional care.

3. Full cover for Prescribed Minimum Benefits

According to the Medical Schemes Act, every medical aid scheme is mandated to cover a list of certain conditions known as Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs). This includes diagnosis, treatment, and care of these conditions. The PMBs list covers ±270 conditions, including around 25 common chronic diseases. Many of these conditions are so common that a large percentage of South Africans might have to face them at some point. A hospital plan that covers these PMBs may, therefore, save you money on related future expenses.

4. No more fearing that medical bill

Some individuals avoid seeking treatment because they are afraid of what costs and effort it might incur. Not only is this stressful, but it could lead to health complications down the line. It is never recommended that one ignores any signs of a change in one’s health status. The best way to put your mind at ease, in the end, is to simply invest in a hospital plan.

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