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Oracle Media – Finding work rewarding

Neil Barker, CEO of Oracle Media shared how his company offers brand management, digital and traditional marketing services. They develop your brand identity and strategy, make it relevant to your audience and ensure that your product and services are accessible and relate to your brand through digital and traditional marketing.

He says, by using their specialized in-house departments, they maximize innovative techniques: trending videos, personalised photography and visually grabbing graphic designs. They also create customised content for social media, digital and traditional marketing platforms specific to your business needs, taking your marketing and brand strategy from conception to completion!

Neil says he started his business because he saw an opportunity for a one-stop-shop-marketing-agency to assist brands holistically. What he loves most about running his business is the opportunity to showcase their teams talents and amaze clients with ground breaking campaigns. 

One of the biggest lessons Neil has learnt on his business journey is to work with cashflow and do proper business planning.  He studied law and worked at a law firm for a few years , but never really looked forward to going into work each day. Today he can’t see himself not working each day. His “Why?” is loving what he does and the feeling of knowing that he has had another rewarding day. 

Neil believes that small business is the biggest sector that keeps our economy going and that we sometimes underestimate the talent we can work with. Most small businesses that he has worked with, amazed him with their passion and eagerness that surpassed all his expectations. 

Oracle Media is a proud Premier Member of the NSBC.

If you would like more information about becoming an NSBC Member visit