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Flickswitch – at the forefront of an exploding sector in the technology space

Hein Koen, Executive Director of Flickswitch says that they design, build and manage web-based software platforms that make it easier for companies to deploy and manage large numbers of SIM cards in devices. He says that their online platform in South Africa is called SIMcontrol.

SIMcontrol helps companies manage SIM cards from all major mobile networks, making sure that they are managed and always topped up. Hein says that SIMcontrol is built on core mobile network infrastructure to ensure maximum reliability. By using SIMcontrol, their customers immediately reduce their risks of bill shock and ensure quick and easy SIM deployment with no long-term contracts.

Flickswitch’s journey started in the late 2000’s, when mobile data communication was rising. At that time, companies were struggling with SIM card fraud in POS (point of sales) devices and they created a unique product to help companies who needed to manage hundreds or thousands of SIM cards securely while saving money on mobile data expenditure.

Hein says that during the last decade, they have helped thousands of companies to understand, deploy and manage mobile SIM cards at scale with their revolutionary, easy-to-use online SIM management platform SIMcontrol. What Hein loves and finds exciting about his job is the intersection of data SIM cards and effectively managing it on a large scale.

Hein has found using SIM cards to have become a way of life for the digital citizens of our century. He believes that with the reliance on the mobile world, these tiny little components are integral to staying connected. He says that until the late 2000s, mobile data devices and the Internet of Things was something that was only thought of for large businesses. But thanks to the evolution of technology, even smaller companies started benefiting from such systems. One of Flickswitch’s biggest challenges was to make their online service super simple and super easy to use. On their business journey they have also learnt that companies don’t want to be tied up with inflexible long-term mobile data contracts.

Hein and his colleagues at Flickswitch do what they do because they can see the value they add to businesses every day. They have found that dealing with mobile networks directly can be challenging at times, especially for SMEs. At Flickswitch, they aim to make it simple and easy.

According to Hein, as the use of data SIM cards increases in this age of IoT (Internet of Things), companies have more and more SIM cards that need to be managed. He believes that Flickswitch are at the forefront of an exploding sector in the technology space and says that the team’s solid business experience coupled with a youthful spirit is what keeps him going when times get tough.

Hein says that many skilled people, especially in the technology space, are taking a leap of faith and starting their own businesses. He says that they deal with young and established businesses every day in the technology space, especially in fintech, smart agriculture, security technology, logistics and the Internet of Things sectors. He believes South Africa to be right up there as a global leader in many of these sectors and that these companies are the future of the country.

Flickswitch is a proud Premier Member of the NSBC.

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