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Choosing a medical aid when you are on a budget

Article provided by Medshield

In today’s life it is necessary to have medical aid. Expenses related to doctor’s visits, hospitalisation, medicine, and general healthcare are very high. Do not neglect your health because you cannot afford to pay for such expenses. Even on a budget, you can have medical aid. Nobody is exempt; everybody gets sick at one or other time. Whether it is a cold, flu, or something as serious as malaria, at some stage you need medical help.

Even with a cheaper, affordable medical aid plan, you can prevent many of the serious conditions. By taking care of your health, you lower the likelihood of hospitalisation. A condition that could have been treated with a single injection or prescription medication could easily turn into a life-threatening condition, requiring hospitalisation and invasive medical procedures to address the issue. Rather than leaving a condition untreated because of the expense of doctor’s visits and medication, you can get an affordable medical aid plan, enabling you to meet these expenses.

What to consider

It may seem like having a medical aid will only cost you money that you do not have. However, in the long term, it will save you far more than it costs you. If you make the right choice when deciding on a medical scheme, you will reap the rewards. The secret is to choose a medical scheme that has a range of options from affordable entry-level plans, digital plans, hospital plans to the more expensive traditional or comprehensive plans. You don’t have to get the best – just something that will safeguard you. Below are some tips to help you make the best choice:

Are you generally healthy or do you need medication to make it through the day?

If you suffer from serious conditions such as cancer, HIV/Aids, multiple sclerosis, or heart problems, you will obviously need a more intensive medical plan, enabling you to undergo extensive treatments, get the required medicine, and visit doctors frequently.

What do you need on a regular basis?

You are probably better off paying for one-time visits for unique conditions yourself. The more regular visits are the ones you want covered. If you have to visit medical practitioners on a regular basis for specific conditions, you want a medical plan that covers day-to-day costs. If not, you can save by opting for low-cost medical aid plan that covers in-hospital treatments only – like a hospital plan.

If you have people depending on you, you have to consider their health as well as your own.

As such, consider each family member’s medical treatment needs before you choose a low-cost medical aid plan.

Lastly, you need to be sure that whatever medical aid you choose is affordable.

Low cost might be what you are looking for, but remember that, just because it is cheaper, does not mean it is the best for you. You have to consider what your budget is in order to know that you will not struggle to pay your monthly membership contributions.

It is important that the medical aid you choose will meet your health needs.

Do not compromise on your health. Make sure you get more for less. Rather pay a bit more now and save in the future.

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